Sunday, 21 February 2010

Flea Market Finds..

Oh how I love a good second hand find and when Sunday comes rolling around just I can't wait to see all your finds for the week. Some wonderful discoveries again last week, you girls really know how to shop. A lovely piece of furniture here, fabulous shoes and handbag, a gorgeous brooch collection and some great garage sale pieces too. Yay for second hand treasures!

So I had one of those amazing 'Flea Market Gods are shining down on me' moments yesterday, when we made a quick stop at Around Again, so my hubby could look for some parts to make an aviary. I walked into the 'good room' and sitting in front of me was the most delightful little phone stand. I just loved seeing Vic's gorgeous phone stand makeover and now I have the perfect place to put my little retro phone.

My little telephone stand..

I also stopped off at Sweet Lilly, a lovely little homewares and antique shop to pick up some ephemera for some new collages I'm working on. I came out with a fabulous 1948 copy of Home Journal (above) and these lovely old photographs.

I hope the Flea Market Gods have shone down on you this week! What have you found? To play along just leave a comment and put your flea market blog post (not just your blog) in the MckLinky below so we can check out your goodies.

I'm off to mark a whole stack of year 12 English drafts and essays, hope your Sunday is a little bit more exciting than mine!

PS. I will be back a little later to announce the winner of my Valentine Giveaway.

Much Love


  1. Oh! Oh! Oh!

    I LOVE IT! (Yet I am silently... or not so silently... cursing the fact that you found such a perfect place for that phone...)

  2. Oooh, love the telephone stand and your old phone! It is beautiful. A nice little spot for a chat indeed. :)

    Thanks for mentioning my brooches too.

  3. you couldn't get a more perfect spot for that gorgeous phone could you?

  4. I hope it's o.k I put some Handmade Expo finds in my Flea Market finds this week!

    Love the telephone stand. How poetic you find it the week after you find that gorgeous phone!

  5. Love the telpehone stand!! I too loved Vic's :) Happy marking - be sure to have a lovely cuppa in hand while reading through all those essays x

  6. You did a great job finding the perfect home for that lovely retro phone. You must be ecstatic! Hooray for you!


  7. Its love, they were obviously destined to be together.

  8. That stand must have been waiting in the shop for you! It's perfect, I'm sure you've made your phone very happy. x

  9. That is one lovely telephone table! I keep seeing them, love them, but sadly have no where to put one!

  10. Thanks so much for hosting this fun theme, I really enjoy having a look at everyone's treasures. Your phone is so pretty, and dainty, and fancy. It looks very at home on the stand, nice one! xo

  11. Hooley Dooley Sophie - the Goddess was indeed beaming down on you - could that table be any more perfect for your phone?! Congrats! Look forward to seeing what you create with the old photos etc.


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