Tuesday, 19 January 2010

You're a Sweetheart..

As promised, here are my little pastel hearts transformed just in time for Valentine's Day into Sweetheart Brooches.

Inspired by some delightful images of vintage Sweetheart Conversation Candy, I just couldn't resist making some little brooches that are almost sweet enough to eat.

I've made a little limited edition batch of Sweetheart brooches featuring some of the vintage sayings including, Hug Me, Be Mine and Love You and if you have a special someone to buy for this Valentine's Day, I've just listed them in my Etsy shop.

I hope you are having a lovely Tuesday. If you have been over to visit Pip today, you will know all about Looklet. If you are a busy person who like to play dress ups, beware. It is Barbie Dolls for big people, just too much fun! This is how I spent my morning...

PS. I'm very excited, Olive made her pet modeling debut this morning over on the fabulous Desire to Inspire, Monday's Pets on Furniture post. Pop over and check her out posing on my 'Louis' chair.

Much Love


  1. Olive looks very comfy on that lovely chair! :)

  2. The brooches look wonderful, well done!

  3. They are just fabulous! I thought of the sweetheart candy immediately... good thing these last longer ;) K

  4. These are soooo adorable and very very different. Can we have some in Handmade Heaven Soph?

  5. Oh, I just saw that post and loved it! Olive looks like a natural star and that chair is spectacular.

    p.s. brooches truly look like most beautiful sugar cookies with icing! Yum!

  6. Oh Sophie these are BEAUTIFUL! I may have to snap one up for Valentine's Day

  7. These are beautiful, very sweet, of and loved the cafe post will have to visit when in Sydney next
    Julie@handmade Market


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