Saturday, 30 January 2010

Saturday Shopping List..

1. Droppin Anchor. by oceanblueseaglass
2. SPERM WHALE Print by marystreacle
3. Anchor towel hanger by monkeyandsquirrel
4.ANCHOR - Paperweight by sjengraving

Today I'm dreaming of the ocean, of blue hues, pirates and narwhals. I'm longing for shells, stones and seaglass. It's a five hour drive to the closest bit of coast line, so I'm off to the river a little later to close my eyes and pretend.

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What are your weekend plans? I delighted it's the weekend and can't wait to go to Round Again (the refuse centre treasure trove). I'm on the lookout for old bottles and teapots today, but who knows what I might return with. We shall see tomorrow on Flea Market Finds. This afternoon I have promised myself a little time with my sketchbook, to scribble down some new ideas.

Happy Weekend!
Much Love


  1. I wish I were at the lake this weekend. I too, have a love of water, but DH is away and I am holding down the fort. Just planning on a bit of reading television, baking and daydreaming!!


  2. Wonderful! Thank you for featuring me :)
    Mary Louise

  3. the few inches of snow we got last night has me dreaming of the ocean and summer days too...

    thank you so much for including my little towel hanger in this lovely mix!

  4. I'm longing to go to the seaside. We have a trip booked to the sea but it's still over a month away!


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