Saturday, 23 January 2010

Saturday Shopping List..

1. Mini Fabric Bunting, Over the Rainbow by knottednest
2. Upside Down - Original Art Painting by kipi
3. audrey... crochet 'granny' cushion cover by EmmaLamb
4. magic and balloons 8x10 fine art print by alicebgardens

Begin your weekend with a delightful rainbow of colours.

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I'm off to a Hens party lunch today and we have been asked to wear bright colours. However, it seems after inspecting my wardrobe I have a real lack of colour in the clothing department. So these delightful items are my inspiration as I race around this morning trying to find something to wear.

What are your plans for the weekend? If your out and about, perhaps you might like to check out some lovely second hand delights and play along with Flea Market Finds tomorrow. Whatever you are up to I hope you have a lovely day.

Much Love


  1. Beautiful pictures full of happy colour. Have a lovely weekend

  2. I'm kicking back and relaxing with some movies and asian dramas with friends today! Tomorrow, I might go out to the markets.... we'll see... haha

  3. i don't think I'd find anything colourful in my wardrobe either.

    I realised meme is tomorrow but i have put something on today...will I ever get it right!! i added a note on the bottom.
    I'll pop by again tomorrow Sophie.

    have fun today

  4. your outfit is gorgeous Sophie hope the lunch was fun!! I'm sure it was

  5. yummy rainbow collection Sophie, thank you so much for including wee 'audrey' and her lady friends... :)

    have a wonderful weekend,

  6. Lovely pics - I am just cutting up some bunting now!! (well, the fabric for it)


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