Saturday, 16 January 2010

Saturday Shopping List... White

1. The Inspiration Apple. by lapomme
2. no place like home notecard by warmwhispers
3. 1902 Grain Sack cover by marleyandlockyer
4. Wee Cutie Bird patch by inmybackyard

Part of my weekend adventure today is trying to find the perfect shade of white paint for our cottage walls. And who knew there were so many lovely shades of white and they all come with such charming names. Wish me luck!

Check out all the other lovely shopping lists at fancypicnic.

Happy Weekend! What are you up to this weekend? Besides my paint search, I'm also on the lookout for some lovely secondhand bits and pieces for a top secret mission that I can't wait to share with you tomorrow.

In need some weekend inspiration, pop over to Meet me at Mikes and join the Granny a Day group. Pip is sharing some great crochet tutorials, so you can begin a new project or pick up one that might be collecting a little dust. I always seem to have a few of the latter!

Oh and be sure to pop back a little bit later today to find out the winners of my summer giveaway!

Much Love


  1. oooh lovely things! Can't wait to see who the winners are

  2. gorgeous collection Sophie! ...and yes, choosing just the right white is a much tougher job than you would think! i know Farrow and Ball have some really lovely shades of white... :)

    oh, and if i knew how to send messages in tumblr i would send you a wee one saying 'welcome to tumblr!'... ;)

    have a fabulous weekend,

  3. Thankyou so much for showing my 1902 cover Sophie. Your grouping is beautiful. Good luck with the paint choice!
    Ness xx


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