Sunday, 10 January 2010

Moments of Us..

It's all stations go around my little library nook this morning. You see, I'm very excited because my parents are coming to visit us tomorrow, all the way from Brisbane, so we are making our little nest all lovely for their arrival. As we are in for another hot day, so the plan is to work this morning, have a little siesta in the afternoon and then head out into the garden at dusk to continue pottering.

I just love finding the perfect spot for all the bits and pieces I collect, part of my bowerbird nature perhaps. Yesterday I put together a pretty little vignette above the fireplace, using lovely thrifted and found items, that remind me of some wonderful adventures my hubby and I have shared.

I find something really lovely in decorating with items that have a story to share. For many lovely interiors and inspired styling ideas, check out the Interior Styling group on Flickr created the fabulous Holly from Decor8. Happy decorating Sunday!

Much Love


  1. I like the vignette very much, Sophie, and I love your philosophy of decorating only with things we love... magical!! :-)



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