Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Handmade Delights..

I've had some delightful packages arrive in my mail box of late. There are just so many beautiful handmade things to buy, who needs to go to a shopping centre.

I've been eyeing off Forestbound's beautiful handmade bags for so long and as Alice makes a stunning limited range, they disappear as quickly as she stocks them. I was lucky enough to grab one from her Etsy shop a few weeks back and it has definitely become my new favourite bag.

Each bag is unique and mine is made from a WWII era military laundry bag. It is such beautiful soft fabric and has so many stories to tell. Now I'm stalking her lovely shop for a sweet little purse and a cream cotton tote, can you tell I'm smitten. Oh and if you want to have a peek into the world of Forestbound, check out Alice and her studio space in this Etsy video.

Also making my mailbox smile yesterday was a sweet little package from Marmeecraft. Marjorie is always making the most lovely artwork and I can never resist when she magically turns it into fabulous stationery.

Some cute new Marmeecraft stickers and postcards waiting on my desk. Check out Marjorie's lovely new shop. She's just added more very cute stickers so I think I might have to pop in to visit her again very soon.

Oh I really do love all things handmade.
Much Love


  1. What a great idea for a bag! Lx

  2. What a wonderful way to reuse a piece of history, a lovely bag!

  3. oooh i love that bag! nice steal :)

  4. It is more exciting to get lovely handmade items in the post then to go to a boring shopping center..Love your items...


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