Friday, 29 January 2010

Friday Favourites

Oh so lovely Penguin pencils via 74 Lime Lane

My favourite Missed Connections illustration by the amazing Sophie Blackall

Loving this eclectic dining room with fabulous mismatched and turquoise chairs - via ich and chi

Delightful stashes of ribbon from ici et la via decor8

Can you believe it's Friday already! Will these days ever slow down.. Whatever happened to taking a walk upon the moors and enjoying an afternoon of high tea. Well a girl can dream.. So here are my favourite bits and pieces from the week. I chose them simply because they all make me smile. I hope you have had a lovely week indeed.

Much Love


  1. They made me smile, too, Sophie! Have a wonderful weekend! :-)


  2. I always look forward to your friday finds! You have equisite taste.

  3. Landed here via The Royal Sisters.

    It was seeing the drawing of knitting riders on the 7 train that got me to leave a comment.

    I do know that 7 train ... fastest way from Times Square, to 42nd and Fifth Avenue. Ride a bit more, with or without knitting, and you'll reach Grand Central Station ... and keep on it and you'll be on your way across the East River to the Borough of Queens.

    Your site is also fun. Cheers!

  4. oh I love those 'missed connections', so sweet. Just found you through a blogfriend of a blogfriend, love your blog :), I do believe we share a love of sewing, vintage, tea and teaching!
    x Pepper

  5. ooh and also reading! Mustn't forget reading!


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