Sunday, 31 January 2010

Flea Market Finds..

Well it's Sunday and you know what that means, sleeping in, lovely brunch, reading the papers.. Perhaps for some.. for others it means scouring garage sales, markets and op shops for all kinds of fabulous treasures.. It's Sunday, Flea Market Finds day!

Thanks so much for playing along last week, it was lovely to see everyone's finds and also seeing them put to fabulous use! Tablecloths transformed into cushions, old cutlery into the most delightful plant labels. Some of my favourite finds for the week were this amazing wedding dress and these gorgeous fabrics, which also came with a beautiful story. I can't wait to see what you have found this week.

As for me, my adventure in search for bottles and teapots was very interesting indeed, for I found neither. I did however come home with some fabulous pieces for our little cottage.

Our first find was a wooden frame in great condition, I was so happy with it as soon as I got home, I pulled the print out, painted it and hung it. Now all it needs is some lovely paper bunting..

I also found this pair of treasures for $5. I just love little old chairs, can't wait to sand this back and paint it a lovely turquoise, inspired by the chairs I posted on Friday. I'm hoping to transform the ladder into a shadow box for storing lovely little things.

So what have you found this week? Or what have you rediscovered in your third drawer? Old finds, new finds, I love them all! Just pop the link to your post below and share your second hand treasures. Oh and if you like add them to the Flea Market Finds flickr page too.

Happy Searching!


  1. I've posted op shopped linen again. I was halfway through writing my post when I remembered what day it was. Your finds are lovely. I especially love the frame and that it is already painted and hung.

  2. Love the mismatched chair thing. I have dreams of one day having a nice enough dining area where that would day! Love that ladder too!

  3. i love your finds!!
    ladder & chair waiting for a new look, how wonderful.
    I have a frame aswell which I am in the midst of transforming & will post later today.
    have a good Sunday Sophie

  4. Sophie~~~~

    I didn't know that you hosted this event...or that there was such an event!! I will have to mark it on my calender for next week.

    I too, have a thing for chairs. In my quest to do everything in white, turquoise would be a nice pop!! I also love what you are going to do with the ladder. Fabulous idea and can't wait to see it.

    Have a lovely Sunday!! :-)


  5. Where do you find such lovelies. I like the idea of painting up your chair... mismatched chairs in the same colour around a hardwood dining table is a dream of mine one day. Perhaps when my babies are big enough not to damage a poor, beautiful table!

  6. i'm right there with you when it comes to unwanted less than perfect chairs..and ladders too! your finds Sophie :)

  7. Hi Sophie - what a great idea! I love your finds and can't wait to see how you transform them :) My plates aren't actually a flea market find, more second-hand store really, but I don't think anyone will mind, do you ;) Thanks for the invite. Kx

  8. Very cool chair, oh the things people throw out!
    Lucky you

  9. So excited to be joining in! Love the chairs, the best bit about moving is I get to hunt down an old table and chairs, yay!

  10. Thanks for hosting, I love op shopping and this gives me even more excuses. Off now to check out some of the other treasure hunters xo

  11. What a lovely meme, thanks for hosting it Sophie. I love your finds this week, I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with that ladder. The frame looks lovely too!

  12. Great finds. I have a very similar chair in my kitchen, but have never added any more. We have a great collection of mismatched bentwoods.
    I've just discovered "Flea Market Finds" and think it will be fun to be part of. I always seem to be bringing something home, but might just show a few bits and bobs I already have, as well.

  13. I can't believe you scored both the chair and the ladder for just $5. I'm never that lucky or should I say I'm never quick enough to get the bargains!

    I think the chair will be gorgeous once you have painted it!

  14. I love the frame, it looks beautiful hung already, and that cute ladder was an excellent find!


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