Sunday, 17 January 2010

Flea Market Finds - My new meme

There is something about searching for preloved bits and pieces that I just adore! You never quite know what you might find, like hunting for buried treasure. Op shops, car boot sales, flea markets, garage sales, thrift and second-hand shops, these are some of my favourite places to spend the weekend. Inspired by some fabulous girls including CurlyPops and Dottie Angel who are doing their bit to reuse and inspire, I thought it might be fun to share our 'Flea Market Finds' throughout the year.

So if you would like to share your second hand delights, this is how it is going to work. Each Sunday I'm going to post an image of one of my flea market finds. If you would like to join in and play just post an image of your second hand find, whatever it may be or even something you that you are dreaming to find (I'm always on the look out for wooden spools, typewriters, cameras and teacups). If you want to write about it too, then fabulous! If you would like to share your latest finds or an old piece you just really love, put your post URL into the auto link widget below.

The meme starts starts on a Sunday but you can post any time during the week, which give you plenty of time to go hunting for that perfect something. Feel free to play whenever you like, every week or whenever you find something fab!

To get the ball rolling I thought I would share the fabulous treat I found yesterday whilst fossicking at Round Again the local refuse centre.

At first I thought it was a old weather damaged side table but when I open the little art deco door, I found this. A fabulous 1930's Acme sewing cabinet. We have stripped it back all the old timber and with my hubby's help, I hope to make it into a little side table for the lounge room. A very successful outing indeed.

Well I can't wait to see what Flea Market Finds you have to share. Happy treasure hunting!


  1. Just found your lovely blog...and I am a girl who loves a good find..which can turned into teasure! I have a problem with dishes and bowls! No more room left in my cupboards. Have a great rest of your weekend. I will be back to visit again.

  2. Oooh I love finding vintage treasures. It looks like you unearthed a beauty on the weekend. I'll play along when I find my next piece of treasure!

  3. I've just clicked through various blogs and happily ended up here! Your blog is charming, so many lovely photos and so many wonderful treasures! x

  4. Oooh! I'm so excited to join in! This is a fantastic idea, I'm always looking for treasures!xxx

  5. wow - how can anyone compete with a find like that! it's just beautiful. unfortunately the op shops around here have been cleared of anything useful or beautiful....mind you, perhaps i'm not looking well enough.
    can't wait to see more finds.

  6. i will definitely play along next time, I posted something today & then saw you had this meme started.
    love your treasures.

  7. Gorgeous find! Sounds like a really meme too!!


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