Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Delightful Dwellings..

Ever since we bought our very own little cottage, I've been reading and filling my journals with everything I can on interior design. I always enjoyed making my house pretty, but there is just something so lovely about owning your own home. I can all of a sudden hang paintings, paint walls, create a lovely garden. I thought you might like to join me on my interior design adventures, so from now on I've made Tuesdays all about beautiful homes and spaces. Today I thought I'd share a few of my favourites from Tumblr.

Villa Audureau ~ Bali via Partners in Style

via maryelizabethinspire

via dwellings & decor

My first decorating port of call is always decor8. Holly has the most delightful way of seeing interior design come to life. Pop over to visit and be inspired. Be sure to put the kettle on first and get comfy, you will want to stay a while.

PS. Happy Australia Day!

Much Love


  1. Great picks. I love Decor8, the only problem is that too much time spent looking there gives me a design crisis and I want to start all over again at home! So much lovely inspiration though, just have to change things little by little...


  2. it's one of the reason's i would like to own my own home too.....but they are so expensive in the city :(
    i love your pictures - they are very inspirational - enjoy your nesting

  3. I love the first Villa...I could live there for sure!! And I adore looking at baths...the more simple, the better!


  4. Hey Sophie!

    Haven't seen you for ages and we miss you heaps!

    So pleased you love your house, you are a decorative queen!

    love and kisses,

    M, B and b

  5. I love the cabinet in the second photo and that bathroom is FABULOUS. Happy decorating. :)

  6. the turquoise in the first pic is divine. reminds me of my nan's tiny turquoise turtles that she used to show me everytime I visited when I was little :)

  7. These are just gorgeous pictures... makes me want to move to the country immediately! Planning is always so much fun isn't it? Think I need to rediscover decor8 ;) K

  8. Such beautiful places! I love the first and third pictures best!

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  9. Such beauty! I love decor8 as well- I also love desiretoinspire, blissfulb and Bohemain Hellhole.

    I've added you to my Tumblr. :)

  10. Ah I can just see myself lolling in the bath tub! Unlike my own which is surrounded by the children's bath toys!

  11. I have the same bath and the same sink( the whole house in white and pale blue,... and I was looking for a change. I am getting inspired with this bathroom picture! TKU.



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