Saturday, 26 September 2009

Time for a Picnic..

With the lovely Spring weather and hopefully no more dust storms in sight, tomorrow will be the perfect opportunity for a picnic. As the wild flowers blossom and the world goes that little bit slower on a Sunday.. an delightful afternoon under a tree with a picnic basket, books and a pot of tea just seems right. I adore the whole tradition of picnics...

image from oncewed
First to find a spot under the perfect tree.. and then make it beautiful with mis-matched chairs and wildflowers.

image from weheartit
Don't forget to bring a little parasol..

image from weheartit
And a basket of goodies and some lovely books to read...

Inspired by picnic dreams and lazy afternoons, I'm off to Paddington to pick up a few fabulous books, a lovely parasol of my own gather some ideas for the menu for the lovely picnic we are having for my mum's birthday tomorrow. Fingers crossed the weather is lovely too. Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday.

Much love

Thursday, 24 September 2009

My Creative Space..

Right now I should be packing, I really should... I have an empty suitcase and I'm off to Brisbane at 6:35am tomorrow morning for a wee little holiday. Very exciting indeed! So my creative space this week, is a little bit of chaos on my desk as I pack my studio up into a box to take with me on holiday.

My desk full of Spring colour, I'm loving gorgeous shades of orange and lots of bright buttons!

I was so delighted to open my mail box the other day to find my gorgeous wedding anniversary present, a beautiful handmade necklace from the very talented Penny from Little Brown Sparrow. I just adore the little toy key and the three sweet hearts to symbolise our three years together. Penny was also lovely enough to include one of her beautiful brooches as an extra gift. So sweet! If you haven't already you must pop over to Penny's beautiful blog and check out her fabulous Etsy shops. She is one of my very favourite creators.

A splash of buttons! Sorting for my button box.

Inspired by the very lovely Liz from Lino Forest, I'm loving gorgeous shades orange. Lillies, vintage hard covers and a very cute little Penguin Pride and Prejudice notebook.

Join the creative space fun with the Queen of creativity Kirsty!

Wishing you a delightful creative Thursday, I'm off to watch Glee and finally get a moment to pack my bag. I'm taking my lap top with me to Brisbane so I can blog and will also be keeping my little Etsy shop open and be stocking with some lovely new bits and pieces while I'm away. Can't wait to have some free time to bring my new ideas to life.

Much love and creative moments

Monday, 21 September 2009

Where have I been?

Where have I been? I sometimes wonder myself... Last week just came and went and I was so deeply exploring its every moment, it disappeared and I was still lost amongst its beautiful afternoon sunshine, many words and tea parties with Alice.

Lost in words and moments...

So the last week of school is over and I'm officially on holidays and making the most of every moment. Finally some time to dust the shelves and create some sweet little vignettes of my little collections..

A little space I created today, including my lovely new Black Apple print, vintage books, ink bottles, grandmother's mirror and my great grandmother's necklace atop of my lovely writing desk.

This afternoon bought a wild and beautiful sight that could only be experienced in the desert, a dust storm.

As I sat amongst the pages of magazines, inspired and creating collages and noticed out the window and that the sky was turning an amazing shade of amber..

With a wild evening brewing, I'm off to settle in with a good book and am looking forward to another day of domestic goddess duties tomorrow..

Much love and amber evenings

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Tea and Books..

On a lovely Tuesday evening, happiness is....

A cup of tea and a good book!

Happy Tuesday, I'm off to spend the evening with Hemingway, meandering the streets of Paris...

Much love

Friday, 11 September 2009

Happy Friday..

I'm feeling a little romantic this evening as I get ready for the ball. All the old fashioned dancing and music takes me back to my dream world of yesteryear... This beautiful photoshoot from Sloan Photographers that I found on Once Wed perfectly captures my idea of vintage romance.

Check out Once Wed for the whole photoshoot, it is just gorgeous!

Happy Friday!

Much Love

Thursday, 10 September 2009

My Creative Space..

Not quite my usual creative space this week as I madly rush to finish my reports for work and plan the trip to Melbourne this weekend for the State finals of Tournament of Minds. If life could not get any busier, with marking also over flowing out of my handbag and my year 12's stressing about their looming exams, the school ball is on tomorrow night, the ultimate event of the year for the students and an opportunity for everyone to dress up, kick up their heels and remember just how to dance the cha cha and the two step.

My creative space... my ball outfit! This year's theme is Mod.

My dress.. not the classic ball dress but something a little bit fun, a touch tribal and wee bit mod.

And what's a dress without accessories, killer heels from the fabulous Tony Bianco and a sweet little clutch from Dotti.

Join the creative space fun with the Queen of creativity Kirsty!

Wishing you a fabulous Thursday, hope you are having a delightful and creative week whatever you are up to. I'm off to spend a few moments relaxing on my new giant granny square project.

Much love and dancing

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Lovely Clusters..

As I spend my days discussing and teaching poetry, plays, films and everything in between, there are moments when I too, sneak a glance out the window, from my desk at the beautiful sunshine and daydream of moments when I can drift back into my studio or pick up a camera and capture a little snippet of beauty.

Spring Wildflower..

What a lovely start to the week, I'm so excited to a part of a beautiful new online gallery 'Lovely Clusters' which brings together some beautiful designers and creators in lovely clusters of colours and categories. The lovely Bri from has created a delightful collage from some of the gorgeous pieces from Lovely Clusters and was so sweet to feature on of my brooches.

Collage by

So be sure to pop over and visit the delightful Lovely Clusters gallery and blog for this season's perfect colours and clusters. Wishing you a delightful Tuesday full of lovely creative moments.

Much love

Sunday, 6 September 2009

In a dream world...

It is so easy to find yourself slip into a beautiful dream world when looking through the latest Toast catalogue, 'Colour on a Grey Day'.

With stunning berry, indigo and mustard hues, daydreams of love and nature, I have just been swept away in the beauty of this stunning early Autumn collection.. And although it is coming into Spring in my world and can't help but be drawn to these gorgeous coats and cardigans.

I'm off for a little afternoon adventure with my hubby to find some more plants for his herbarium and takes some photographs of the beautiful native wild flowers. I hope you are enjoying a delightful Sunday.

Much love

Thursday, 3 September 2009

My Creative Space..

Spring afternoons just make my heart sing. The delightful scent of roses and soft afternoon sunlight streaming in my studio window makes for a very inspiring afternoon.

My creative space, beautiful hot pink roses (I just can't resist the beautiful roses at the moment), magazines and fabric samples for my softie for Mirabel.

I was delighted to receive this fabulous invitation to my gorgeous Auntie's 60th birthday party. I just adore this photo of her and can't wait to dress up for the 60's themed party next month.

A lovely stash of fabulous magazines and clippings ready to go into my journal...

Also on my desk some lovely hard cover books, ready to be created into some new artworks and book blossom brooches and a gorgeous tote bag from the fabulous Kim from Udessi. She is super sweet and sent me this gorgeous tote just because!

Join the creative space fun with the Queen of creativity Kirsty!

Hope you are having a delightful and creative Thursday! I'm off to Melbourne for the day tomorrow for a Media teachers conference, looking forward to wandering around the City on a lovely Spring day, hope I will have time for just a spot of shopping too!

Much love and roses

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Spring is here...

With the first day of Spring comes wonderful new ideas, lovely blossoms and longer afternoons which means more time for curling up with a cup of tea and my journal and dream the day away. I have found the perfect place to dream....

A beautiful afternoon spot!

I found this delightful picture taken by photographer Annika Vannerus at the gorgeous blog Ink on My Fingers.

Happy First day of Spring! I hope today bought you as many beautiful moments as it bought me.

Much love and moments of Spring