Monday, 31 August 2009

Day Thirty One - To Oz..

This afternoon I just felt like taking a little trip down the Yellow Brick Road...

'To Oz..'

Well here ends the wonderful photo a day in August, what a wonderful way to celebrate all the lovely moments of the month. Thank you so much to Megan from The Byron Life for creating this fabulous challenge. I have enjoyed many delightful afternoon adventures in my backyard and visited some wonderful far away places.

Who is coming up with the next challenge? I've crocheted granny squares in May (and I'm still going) and taken photos in August, what will September bring?

Hope you are having enjoying a lovely start to the week. I best click my heels three times and head back from Oz, to begin cooking dinner.

Much love and Ruby Slippers

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Day Thirty - Afternoon Tea..

My Sunday included, a little sewing, a few delightful moments reading the latest Country Style magazine, four fun filled hours of applying 'Cats' makeup for the dress rehearsal of the school production and a yummy hour making some lovely raspberry swirl muffins for afternoon tea.

'Afternoon Tea'

Only one day left for photo in August, it has been such a delightful month of observing the tiny moments in life. Pop over to Megan's to check out all the amazing photos from the month.

Much love and Sunday moments

Saturday, 29 August 2009

I heart my bath and bed..

I am back from the wilderness and as always enjoyed an wonderful adventure. I shared some very beautiful moments of the past two days, a starry night and beautiful sun rise and kayaking down the Murray River with a gorgeous black swan and her cygnets in toe.

After a 13km walk and 23km kayak, I must say though, I am very happy to be home and couldn't wait to walk in the door to enjoy some delightful treats I often take for granted..

A cozy bed with warm blankets

and a hot bath with lots of bubbles...

images from weheartit

Wishing you a wonderful Saturday! I wonder what you are up to? I'm enjoying a lovely morning catching up on blogs and magazines. Perhaps a little trip to town later to potter around a few op shops and find something lovely for dinner. A lovely lazy Saturday indeed.

Much love and daydreams

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Into the wilderness...

Tonight I'm packing my back pack and I'm off on a little journey for a few days. This time last year I set off on my first Outdoor Ed Expedition with work and just had a wonderful time. I just had to put my hand up again this year for the two day trip that sees our little group walk 15kms, camp the night and then spend the following day canoeing down the Murray River. I'm really looking forward to wandering through the wilderness and enjoying the beauty of the river, although I wish my camping set up looked a little more like this.

image from weheartit

Wishing you a delightful midweek, see you on Friday!

Much love and adventures in the wilderness

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Day Twenty-five- My favourite corner..

In a lovely little house, in a tiny little room, second on the right, just as you walk in the door you will find my favourite corner. The first place I search each time I go out to Rose Harvest. Under a beautiful little Singer sewing table packed all in a row, an ever changing collection of books with delightful tales to tell.

'My favourite corner'

I hope you have enjoyed a lovely Tuesday. I'm off to dream about tea parties on the ceiling whist I work on some new pieces for my little Etsy shop.

Much love

Monday, 24 August 2009

Day Twenty-four - Blossom

As I wandered home from work this afternoon these beautiful blossoms caught my eye in the afternoon sunshine.


I hope you have had a wonderful start to the week and have enjoyed a moment of sunshine during your day.

Much love and blossoms

Sunday, 23 August 2009

All in a delightful Weekend..

As the sun fades on a beautiful Sunday, I finally have a moment to stop, catch my breath and reflect on a wonderful few days.

Saturday saw me on a bus at 5:30am on my way to Bendigo with thirteen very excited and nervous students, headed for the Tournament of Minds regional finals. My fabulous friend Jade was there with me to keep the kids pumped and hold my hand through the nervous wait for the teams to begin. The whole day was just wonderful and I am so proud of both the teams performances and we had a very exciting phone call on the way home to let us know that one of the teams had won and was off to the state finals! Moments like Saturday make me just realise how much I adore teaching.

So as the sun rose this morning, after a lovely sleep-in I spent the day chasing beauty with my hubby, visiting all my favourite places.

First stop was Rose Harvest to potter around and search for some sweet treasures. It was lovely to catch up with the gorgeous owner Sue and take some photos of her amazing shop.

'Little Birds'

'Roses and Tea'

'Moments of Spring'

And of course a trip to Rose Harvest would not be complete without just a few little purchases, which included some very sweet vintage books and an new addition to my typewriter collection...

An amazing Olympia 1953 SG-1. Although it needs some TLC, I'm just totally smitten with this fascinating industry style typewriter.

After Rose Harvest we went for a wander around the Botanical Gardens. Although we were a little early for the blossoming roses we did stumble across the beautiful beginnings of Spring including some beautiful native plants.

'Butterfly Songs'

After this day full of delights, I'm off to enjoy a relaxing evening with my hubby, with some yummy Mexican food, a glass of wine and a little bit of Australian Idol. I hope you have had a wonderful and inspiring weekend too.

Much love and moments of Spring

Thursday, 20 August 2009

My Creative Space..

Welcome to my creative space...

Come in and make yourself at home. Would you like a cup of tea?

My Creative Space - my studio, all lovely and tidy.

What a big week it has been, its only Thursday. Had a lovely day watching two fabulous plays from the wonderful Complete Works Theatre Company and then spent the afternoon, being entertained by dancing toasters and fairytale characters. You see, I am currently preparing two teams for this years Tournament of Minds competition which is to be held in Bendigo this Saturday. So, many lunch time and after school rehearsals taking place, last minute script changes and lots of laughter.

Head over to the wonderful Kirsty to join in the Creative Space fun and make sure you pop over to Megan's a check out all the beautiful photos in August.

Wishing you a lovely and theatre inspired Thursday
Much Love

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Day Nineteen - Inspiration..

Well it seems day eighteen came and went and I think I must have been running behind it, yelling 'Stop, wait! Where's the pause button'. And here we are back at Wednesday again and I was sitting at my desk this afternoon day dreaming and staring at one of my inspiration boards, which I thought I would share.


'One very fine summer’s day when Sophie was eight, her aunt gave her some old curtains and a pair of scissors to keep her entertained for the afternoon. Ten minutes later her little sister was wearing a curtain ball gown complete with lace train. It was at that moment her inner seamstress was born.' - from my bio.

This is a photo of that very dress, my first ever creation as modeled by my beautiful sister. It is a constant source of inspiration and reminds me to create with the same carefree delight and passion as I had when I was eight.

Wishing you a lovely Wednesday, I hope your week has been fabulous. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, spending the day playing hostess to the Complete Works Theatre Company and watching some fabulous Shakespearean plays.

Much love

Monday, 17 August 2009

Day Seventeen - Letter Box Love

Write a letter and give someone's letter box a little bit of love.

'Letter Box Love'

I skipped to my mail box to find not one, but four lovely letters waiting for me. All with beautiful handmade envelopes and delightful tales. A lovely way to start the week!

Much love and happy Monday

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Day Sixteen - A moment...

My afternoon was spent tidying up my desk and taking some promo photos (with the help of my darling hubby) of me playing in my studio. This is a little out-take that I really liked, just a little moment captured in time.

'A moment'

Hope you are having a lovely Sunday afternoon. Now as the sun sets, I best get back to work and mess up my studio again. More photos at Megan's.

Much love and creative moments

Giveaway Winners!

Thank you so everyone who entered my little giveaway! Your comments were so beautiful and I feel as though I have travelled with you all around the world to many gorgeous cities this week.

Now for the winners...

The winners are:

Book Blossom 'Joy'- Mooie dingen: Pretty Things
'Create' Petite Scrap Brooch - Myrtle & Eunice
Paris Petite Brooch- Tale Peddler

Congratulations girls, I hope you enjoy your brooches!

Well the sun has just come out here so I'm going to take a little break from the custom order I'm making, brew a pot of tea and enjoy the sunshine with a magazine or two. I will be back a little later with my photo for day sixteen. I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday.

Much love

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Day Fifteen - Saturday Roses

What a delightful Spring Saturday! After stopping into the Art Vault to drop some new brooches into the lovely Mia, I picked up a cute little typewriter at a garage sale for $10 and spent a lovely afternoon at a journal making workshop run by the the fabulous Moana. What made my day even more lovely was the beautiful bunch of roses my husband bought me.

'Saturday Roses'

Enjoy your Saturday evening, I'm off to read the new Inside Out and Real Living magazines and catch up on my inspiration journal, bring on the glue and scissors. I will be drawing my giveaway at noon tomorrow (Australian time) for make sure you have entered if you haven't already.

Much love and pretty roses

Friday, 14 August 2009

Day Fourteen - My kind of Tea Party

Life is simply one tea party after another...

'My kind of Tea Party'

Hooray for fabulous Fridays! I hope yours has been wonderful too. I have certainly enjoyed playing tea parties in my garden and now my lovely hubby and I are off on a little dinner date, very sweet.

More photos can be found at Megan's and remember you only have a few more days to enter my giveaway! I'm so excited about drawing the winners on Sunday.

Much love and mad tea parties

Thursday, 13 August 2009

My Creative Space..

Don't you just love when all the lovely things you have been waiting for in the mail arrive on one day! It was like Christmas this afternoon for me as opened parcels and jumped up and down like a little kid. A few weeks ago I ordered a beautiful Market Bag from Moop and it arrived this afternoon. I'm totally in love! It is even more gorgeous in real life and I'm now tackling the exciting task of shifting bags. Who knew I carried half my life and an entire stationary supplies store in my handbag.

My new handbag, I've named 'Rose'

My creative space - moving the contents of my bag! Other exciting new things to put into my bag include, a lovely new novel from my auntie which I also received in the mail today and my lovely new mobile phone which I can't wait to play with.

Envelopes and a stash of bits and pieces to add to Courtney's letters.

My lovely new Nokia E71, gorgeous new book 'The Secret Scripture' and my journal.

Can't wait to take my new bag out tomorrow, it has so many little pockets and spots for everything, I will never lose anything to the infinity of my bag again. I hope your Thursday has been filled with lovely surprises too. Head over to the wonderful Kirsty to join in the Creative Space fun and make sure you pop over to Megan's a check out all the beautiful photos in August.

PS. Only three days left to enter my little giveaway!

Much love and delightful Moop bags!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Day 12 - a perfect afternoon

After a very long and busy day one always needs the perfect afternoon. Musts are plenty of lovely sunshine, a pot of tea and some lovely letters in the mail box.

'a perfect afternoon'

Be sure to stop by and visit the other photos at Megan's and remember to join my giveaway. Four days to go! Can't wait to send these brooches to lovely new homes.

Much love and afternoons

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Day Eleven - Spirit

Well the school sports carnival is over for another year and it was indeed a very colourful day. Decked in my bright yellow faux fur flares and a yellow tutu, I spent the day handing out numbers, dancing, picking up rubbish and running in crazy novelty races. Much fun was had all round.

On my way home I noticed a beautiful little yellow daffodil on the side of the road and thought it was just the sweetest little Spring flower, full of spirit and matched my crazy yellow outfit perfectly.


For more lovely photos visit Megan for the 'photo a day in August' list. If you haven't already make sure you join my giveaway too! Just comment of my giveaway post from Sunday and you could win one of my new brooches.

Much love and Yellow Tutus

Monday, 10 August 2009

Day Ten - Traces of my Adventures

When all the fabric has been cut and brooches created, when the photographs have been taken and orders have been posted, these are the traces that are left behind from my adventures... a beautiful trail of fabric scraps, thread, books without spines and a bunch of ever reliable post it notes. I think they should all get together and have a little tea party.

Traces of my Adventures

I hope your Monday has been full of lovely moments. For more photos in August check out The Byron Life. Thank you so much to everyone that has already entered my little giveaway. There is plenty more time to enter, simply go to my giveaway post and tell me your favourite city in the world and why. There have been so many beautiful answers I think I may need to add a few more places to my City Collection.

Much Love and Mondays

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Open for Business and a Giveway!

In just a few moments my little Etsy shop will be back open for business and I'm so excited about the new collections I have been busily creating. This first update is only the begin with much more to come over the next month. This Spring, blossoms, beautiful cities and fabulous colours are all dancing together at a delightful high tea party.

High Tea Brooches

Alice - One of my new collection of unique 'Book Blossoms'

Petite Scrap Brooches

The exclusive Thea and Sami - City Collection

To celebrate my re-opening I am having a little GIVEAWAY! I have three brooches to giveaway to three lovely people, one from each of my new collections.

Book Blossom 'Joy', Petite Scrap- Create and from the City collection 'Paris' with exclusive Thea and Sami fabric.

To go into the draw to win one of these lovely brooches straight from my studio, just leave a comment on this post and tell me what is your favourite City in the world and why.

Two bonus entries if you blog or twitter about my little giveaway! (please comment and let me know so I can come visit your blog and say hi.)
Thee bonus entries for each item you purchase from my Etsy shop between now Sunday the 16th.

The giveaway will be drawn Sunday the 16th of August at midday Australian time and is open to everyone world wide so please join and to celebrate my little shop's re-opening.

Good luck and I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday.
Much Love

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Day Eight - My favourite things

Today was a day for shopping adventures, catching up with delightful friends for afternoon tea and delightful gifts. Knowing how much I love Paris, my very sweet friend Clare found me the most beautiful handmade card I think I have ever seen whilst she was in Melbourne.

'Pop Up Paris'

Needless to say it has now taken pride of place on my desk next to the fabulous Paris: Made my Hand the ultimate Paris shopping companion.

I was also lucky enough to receive an amazing handmade birthday present from my dear friend and incredible artist Moana, which has indeed become my favourite new writing companion.

My beautiful new journal handmade by Moana from an old art sign.

The beautiful inside cover is collaged with all my favourite things as well as Moana's delightful illustrations and she has even stitched my name into it. It is indeed one of the most amazing handmade gifts I have received. You must check out Moana's handbook journals on her in her Etsy shop and she also does custom orders.

Well I must be off, I'm in for a busy evening finishing work on my new collections for my shop re-opening tomorrow. Be sure to stop by as I will be having a giveaway to celebrate!

Much love

Friday, 7 August 2009

Day Seven - Chasing Beauty

On this particular Friday afternoon, whilst the sun was in final hours and the daffodils danced in the breeze, I thought it only perfect to grab my typewriter and head into the garden to chase a little beauty. As the sweet perfume of the blossoming roses and delightful magpie tunes floated through the garden, I sat at my typewriter, sipped my tea and lost myself in one of those lovely little moments.

'Chasing Beauty'

And as the sun is now setting I have retreated inside to sit and enjoy my beautiful new book 'Velvet Pears' by Susan Southam. Wishing you a beautiful Friday, for more wonderful photographers check out a photo a day and let your soul dance with each beautifully captured moment.

Much love and sweet afternoons

Thursday, 6 August 2009

My Creative Space..

I love that in the busiest, most hectic moments of your life you always have ideas. It's like a little part of your creative soul wakes up when you are really busy and decides to come out and play. I have had wonderful and bustling week creating a new collection of brooches for Georgie Love which are available now and I've also been busy with new and crazy ideas. My creative space changes daily and this afternoon it looks like this...

Inspiration board and journal, my lovely vintage box filled with letters from Courtney, new projects and a stash of books ready to be recreated.

My lovely friends at Readings have done it again, they manage to have every book I could ever dream of and they deliver to my mail box in days. So fabulous! I'm totally in love with this amazing little book, Paris: Made by Hand written by the gorgeous Pia Jane Bijerk.

A new little collection of brooches I am working on for Spring, featuring flowers handmade from vintage book spines. They are the 'Book Blossoms'.

Much achieved this week, but as always plenty more to be done. I was very much hoping to reopen my Etsy shop this Saturday, but due to some sneaky new ideas blooming and not quite enough hours in the day I will be reopening on Sunday instead, with lots of new pieces and a giveaway. Be sure to stop by.

Wishing you a lovely Thursday, make sure you head over to the wonderful Kirsty to join in the fun and show of your own creative space. Also you pop over to Megan's a check out all the lovely photos in August.

Much love and thoughts of Spring

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Day Five - Pages and Pages

I just love an afternoon that involves searching little old second hand shops for books. Rummaging for beaten hard covers, tiny inscriptions and secret treasures within the pages, there is always something beautiful hidden amongst the shelves.

'Pages and Pages'

I also couldn't resist stopping by the bookshop on the way home for a browse and was so delighted to find a copy of Velvet Pears by Susan Southam just sitting there waiting for me. I have been searching for this book all year and can not wait to catch a free moment in my week so I can pour over the beautiful pages and stories of Susan's amazing world and my very favourite garden Foxglove Spires.

For more photos in August pop over to Megan. I hope your Wednesday has been delightful and that the beautiful full moon this evening inspires all things creative.

Much love and well read pages

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Day Four - Alice's Tea Party

On my way home from work this afternoon I found Alice and the Mad Hatter having a little tea party and invited myself to join the fun. We had a lovely afternoon indeed and I wish I would have stayed in Wonderland a little longer but it seems we ran out of sunshine and tea.

'Alice's Tea Party'

I hope you have had a lovely Tuesday, filled with lovely mail and sweet pots of tea. Check out a photo a day for inspiring and beautiful photos and wonderful moments.

Much love and tales from Wonderland

Monday, 3 August 2009

Day Three - Franco's Buttons

Whenever I delve into my jars and boxes to find the perfect button, I always feel like I'm searching for hidden treasure. Some days you just never know what you might find. Today I found a little old metal plaque with the name Franco embossed into it. It made my day..

'Franco's Buttons'

Check out all the other fabulous people playing along in the photo a day in August over at The Byron Life. I'm off to pop the kettle on and dig a little deeper into my button stash to find more treasures.

Much love and buttons

Monday Morning...

I would love to begin my Monday morning with a lovely pot of Earl Grey Romantica tea from Floating Lotus in this beautiful Dots and Peacocks Teapot created by Ninainvorm.

What a lovely way to start the day. I hope you have a lovely Monday filled with secret delights and sweet teapots.

Much Love

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Day Two- My Spring Dandelion

I woke up this morning to clear skies and a glow of beautiful warm sunshine engulfing the backyard. And for the first time I felt that I might just be seeing the end of winter. As I sat at my computer desk and stared out the window I noticed a single dandelion basking in the sun, my first delightful little sign of Spring.

'My Spring Dandelion'

Join this lovely month of photo adventures over at The Byron Life, it is a beautiful opportunity to capture moments that might otherwise pass you by.

Much love

Saturday, 1 August 2009

A photo a day in August - Day One

I just couldn't resist helping the lovely Megan from The Byron Life celebrate her new camera and just had to join her creative adventures of A photo a day in August.

I just love searching for beautiful little bits and pieces in life to photograph and have decided to concentrate my month of photographs 'tiny beauty'. My first photo is of my favourite little blueberry bush which flowering beautifully after all the frost we have had the last few weeks.

'Blueberry flowers'

If your camera has been collecting a little dust why not pop over to and see Megan at The Byron Life and sign up for a delightful and inspiring month of photography.

Much love and tiny beauty