Saturday, 28 February 2009

Shop Update

Lots of lovely new brooches in my Etsy shop now and even more to come tomorrow!

I heart, baking, roses, the circus, the library, adventure, ribbon & lace and first editions. A little something for everyone!

I've just returned from a wonderful trip to my favourite little fabric shop and returned with some gorgeous new spring and vintage inspired fabrics. Can't wait to show you, I'm off to start sewing..


Shopping List Saturday..and a winner

My shopping list inspiration this week comes from my memories of fancy dress parties when I was young. The very first costume I ever had was Little Red Riding Hood, complete with cape and little basket. Over the years I've continued to be inspired by that scarlet red cape, mysterious forests and adventures down the garden path.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived in a village near the forest. Whenever, she went out, the little girl wore a red riding cloak, so everyone in the village called her Little Red Riding Hood.

1.My, what big heart you have -Print by HidenSeek
2. Little Red Riding Hood ACEO print by StephanieFizer
3. Little Red Riding Hood mini book by Little Green Button
4. Little Red Riding Hood Cape by Finley Studio
5. Evie in her red hood and the girl in the fox mask by mcatgarrison
6. Little Red Riding Hood reaches Grandmas house by Artquirk

I just love how fairytales and fables inspire such wonderfully creative pieces. There is something so enchanting about entering that world, long lost inside a dusty old book hidden on a bookshelf. It is so delightful to see those childhood memories explored and transformed into works of beauty.

I hope your day brings you many adventures, remember to take you cape and basket and not to speak to anyone in that resembles a wolf in a top hat. I'm delighted to have this beautiful day to create for a secret that I'm working on. More to be revealed soon. I also think a little trip around the antique stores is in order for some books, trinkets and just to be surrounded by inspiration.

The winner of my little giveaway 'thank you' brooch is the lovely Mollimoo. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments, it just makes my day! I'm nearing my one year anniversary of Her Library Adventures at the end of March and to celebrate I will be having a very special giveaway so keep an eye out.

Take a moment to brew a fresh pot of tea and pop over to the the fabulous Fancy Picnic to check out the other amazing Shopping Lists. The perfect way to begin a Saturday.

Have a fabulous carefree Saturday!

Friday, 27 February 2009

Birds and tea cups on a Friday..

How quickly Friday has come around again, I'm feeling a little bit of groundhog day at the moment so I'm totally delighted at the prospect of a lovely weekend of creating, reading and watching films. Tonight I'm continuing for on my new batch of brooches which is very exciting and I've already listed on I'd been thinking about making ever since I found the gorgeous vintage fabric in an op shop in Brisbane.

Jazz Age - circa 1920

The fabric is from a handmade blouse and I just adore the beautiful 1920's silhouettes and shades of raspberry. There will be a few more different ladies to come very soon.

Of course being Friday I stopped in for a little shopping on the way home from work. I thought all was lost with nothing lovely to by anywhere until I spotted this very cute top at Pink Peppa. It seems my love for cute and quirky tees just continues to grow and I just love everything about this Fujinella piece.

Just love the grey jersey and details on the collar.

Inspiration in all its beautiful forms is such an important part of my creative process. Today I'm inspired by the little details, memories and the moments of days gone by.

Dust Jackets with ladies and gentlemen in their Sunday best. Also smelling the pages of a well worn second hand book. It is mandatory during my Literature class to smell the book before you begin reading.

My father's collection of stamps which my grandmother helped him create. Each page tells so many stories.

Nick Bantock letters from Griffin and Sabine and vintage Royal Doulton Roses

Hope you are having a beautiful Friday, remember that I will be drawing the winner of by Thank You brooch tomorrow morning 9am EST, so be sure to check in then.

Much love, birds and tea cups

Thursday, 26 February 2009

My creative space..

I really have a creative space this week, it's not on the floor, the couch or in a box, it's a whole room! I adore my little pink studio so much but it did not have enough space in it for a big desk that I could use for office type things, so I decided took over another part of the house as well to create an office space for my little business. So now I have two fabulous spaces to create in! How lucky am I. It also means I don't have to use the coffee table to pack all my orders on, so my hubby is very happy.

My fabulous giant desk and vintage library card holder. More photos here. This afternoon I'm working on a whole new batch of brooches which is very exciting, especially because I have my new Valentine's present to use. My very thoughtful and logical hubby bought me circular cutter which is so perfect I just love it. It's the crazy looking yellow thing. So it's official I'm now a brooch making machine.

I'm off to continue playing, I just love finding the perfect fabric combos. Remember there is still time to win the lovely little brooch I am giving away. Simply comment of yesterday's post to be in the running.

Head over to Kristy at Kootoyoo to join in the fun and show off your Creative Space.

Have a glorious Thursday

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Thank you!!

Just a little post to say a big thank you to all the people who bought brooches from my little shop from the 10th to the 23rd of Feb. Yesterday I was able to donate $200 AUS to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal.

I feel so blessed that with your help and ongoing support I have been able to assist, in my little way in rebuilding the lives of those effected by the devastating bush fires.

I also have this little thank you brooch to give away as a token of my love and appreciation. If you would like to win this lovely brooch simply leave a comment on this post.
I will use the power of to draw the fabulous new owner of this brooch on Saturday the 28th at 9am EST.

Much love and hugs to you all on this wonderful Wednesday.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Smile on Mondays..

What a fabulous weekend it has been and now Monday has also come and gone and I am still beaming with joy! Sorry about my lack of a post last night, I was fabulously busy making a little custom order for the amazing BugandPop and a little commissioned tea cup artwork for a friend at work.

After a beautiful session of Yoga at Eleventh Street Yoga I'm all chilled out and very happy to be sharing the lovely moments of my weekend with you. My biggest accomplishment for the weekend was shifting my little cottage around to create an office space for my growing little business. The moments of sprawling all over the lounge room are now transformed into a beautiful space that my darling hubby helped me create. I'm so delighted that I now have a space to create as well as a lovely little office to pack up my goodies, write and design. It even has a chandelier!

My lovely office..

Desk complete with inspiration board and a cup holder that doubles perfectly to hold all my ribbon.

Close up of all my bit and pieces including my beautiful Hens Teeth journal, postcards from Marmee Craft and November Moon and one of my favourite creations, my tree house pin cushion.

In tray table with op shop fabric, vintage tin, garage sale tea cup and beautiful owl print, a gift from my sister.

I am loving so many things this week I just have to share them all with you!

My hubby's yummy Saturday morning pancakes.

My beautiful vintage find of the week - Italian leather gloves in their original box. How could I resist! Now I just have to wait for winter..

Finally..... My brooch back supplier called me with wonderful news, they arrived! Now I have over 200 brooch backs and many many new brooches to create.

Some very girly fabric I found in the depths of the Spotlight pile. Lovely fabric makes me smile.

My very favourite new friend Ruby.
We finally got our lovely parrot Mallee a big cage to spread his wings in, which also meant we could get him a girlfriend. Ruby is a very special Opaline Red Rump Parrot, although she is a little shy, I think she is already fond of her new boy.

I hope everyone has had a delightful start to the week. I'm off to curl up on the couch with my hubby and check out some of the lovely frocks and awards from the Oscars.

Much love and joyful moments of inspiration..

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Shopping List Saturday..

...A pirate's life for me.

Inspired my the beautiful photography of Tim Walker and my ever increasing fascination for all things from the high seas, this week's shopping list is indeed a little collection of explorers, searching for treasure and lost loves... a corsair, a privateer, a pirate.

1. Tea Party Pirates - Print by Sinta
2. Ship Shape-Print by Scarlettcat
3. Ship Coiffure Card by Strychninefrosting
4. Sea Monster by oMEISHAo
5. Ahoy moon -print by GumballGrenade
6. Ocean - print by LittleRobot

O’er the glad waters of the dark blue sea,
Our thoughts as boundless, and our souls as free,
Far as the breeze can bear, the billows foam,
Survey our empire, and behold our home!
These are our realms, no limits to their sway –
Our flag the sceptre all who meet obey. ’
Lord Byron ~ The Corsair

What a fabulous adventure I had with these pirates, daydreaming of unexplored islands, treasure map and hidden gold, befriending mermaids and narwhals along the way.

Take a moment to brew a fresh pot of tea and pop over to the the fabulous Fancy Picnic to check out the other amazing Shopping Lists. The perfect way to begin a Saturday.

Today I'm off on an op shop adventure, as always keeping an eye out for some cute tea towels for my lovely friend CurlyPops. I'm also immersed in my other passion, the written word, writing a piece for an upcoming poetry reading and working on my every growing journal. Hope you have some fabulous plans for the weekend.

PS. A big thank you to Beaky for her beautiful feature on the brooches I created for her to sell at a craft fair she is doing for Mother's day. Check out her lovely blog and fabulous Etsy store full of buttons, bags and bubushkas!

Have a delightful weekend.

Friday, 20 February 2009

I really heart Fridays.

I heart Fridays for tomorrow brings Pancakes and a sleep in. I heart Fridays because the students are always happier and so am I. I heart Fridays because I finally get to spend some time marking all the work that is piling up on my desk. I heart Fridays because I get to talk to my mum on the phone about my week. I heart Fridays because I finally get a free moment to water my favourite plants. I heart Fridays because my fabulous friend and shopping partner Joelene and I spend the afternoon pondering the week that was at our favourite cafe and then explore all the little book shops and boutiques around town.

Today I got to do all of these things and it was lovely. Now I just can't wait for a sleep in and pancakes in the morning. Here are the results of my Friday..

Harmony Clothing, my very favourite boutique never fails to deliver amazing finds and today I just couldn't resist these two pieces.

Crazy and amazing chandelier tee by Erge Designs

Cute as a button tee by Cantao - how would I resist books on a bicycle.

This is the divine little tag that came on the Cantao tee, how gorgeous is it!

I found a few fabulous bargains at the local bookshop. I just adore bookshops, it's like coming home. The smell, the beautiful covers, I can never come out empty handed. I would just love my very own little bookshop one day.

Got to love the new Penguin 'old' covers. Love in the time of Cholera - one of the best secrets my mum has let me in on.

A little Edgar Allan Poe for a fabulous evening.

My little plants are finally starting to grow. I am creating a little potted wonderland in my favourite part of the backyard and all my little plants have survived the extreme heat and looking so lovely.

My little garden.. Blueberries, chillies, lavender and rosemary. I found the silver mop bucket in the shed, it's perfect for the lavender.

My first two blueberries..

My beautiful lavender finally has the sweetest little flowers blossoming.

In business news I'm extending my donations to the Red Cross until Monday the 23rd as I have had some delightful custom orders to create over the weekend. Keep an eye out for some new brooches and pendants tomorrow and Sunday.

I just can't wait for Saturday, I heart Saturdays too! What are your plans for the weekend? I'll leave you with my philosophy for the day inspired by my dearest friend Tara...

write, sew, breath deeply, create beautiful moments and share them with amazing people..

Thursday, 19 February 2009

My creative space..

My creative space is a little late in the evening this week, the moments after work just fly by so quickly when you are catching up with friends and trying to fit in a spot of Yoga all in one afternoon. So my little creative space is another spot of creative chaos on my lounge room floor. I've always liked seeing all my ideas and inspiration at once, hence the need for a big space on the floor. Bring on the glue and scissors..

Inspiration Journal and magazines..

Now I just need a few more moments in the day to pull all the lovely magazines apart and bring all my inspirational bits together. It is indeed one of my favourite aspects of the creative process. Magazines in the photo include Country Style (this issue has a really lovely article about Mildura) and Inside Out. Also in my stash are some Tim Walker photographs that I'm totally in love with. I've adored Tim Walker's photography for many years and never realised it was the same person creating all my favourite photo shoots. Just check this out..

So truly inspirational..

Head over to Kristy at Kootoyoo to join in the fun and show off your Creative Space.

One more day for my Red Cross donations so remember if you want to purchase a custom brooch to help the appeal please let me know by tomorrow.

As my dear friend Shar says 'Have a smile of a Thursday!'

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Tags on Tuesday..

It's Tuesday already! Where is the week going? Even work went quickly today except for the minor issue of the bells and PA system not working for the afternoon. After some yelling, redirecting many lost students and teaching a lesson that went way over time, I'm very happy to be having a relaxing evening. Got to love the joys of teaching.

I was tagged a little while ago by the lovely Sonia Close to upload the 4th photo in the 4th folder on my computer. I know this little tag has been travelling around the place and it made me laugh as I attempted to 'try' to find my 4th folder. Ask my sister she will tell you, my computer is something like my brain and my studio much of the time, fabulous chaos. So after some searching, this is the ultimate in random photos that I have for you.

This is from my ANTM file, my favourite inspiring photo shoots from America's Next Top Model. I have no idea what season this is from, but I just adore the beautiful texture and flow in the photo.

So I'm tagging: Courtney, Tara, Emma and Rebecca. Have fun girls!

In other news, I am continuing to donate all my proceeds to the Red Cross Bushfire appeal for the next three days. If you are thinking of a custom design for yourself or a friend and would like to help the appeal please let me know before the 20th of this month. There are also some very cute and quirky brooches in my little shop at the moment and I will be adding more tomorrow so keep checking in. Also please make sure stop by Handmade Help to see what's new and ways you can help. I will be re-stashing a crafter on the weekend with some lovely crochet and sewing supplies.

So many things to heart...

Well I'm off to read a my new Inside Out magazine and perhaps get out my trusty glue and scissors. Swimming carnival tomorrow, what fun! Go Yellow! Some silly photos of me in a yellow tutu to come.

Hope you are having a lovely Tuesday full of delightful and silly moments.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

A weekend of love..

It's been a delightful weekend of love all round.. everyone has really embraced the loving spirit. My hubby and I have shared a beautiful quiet few days together, with yummy food, late sleep ins and sharing our hopes and dreams for the future. We love to dream big and have spent the afternoon discussing our ideas for the perfect creative retreat, which includes my very own island complete with little row boat and the studio of my dreams. I just love to create these visions and put them out to the universe and on inspiration boards as I believe it's one step closer to bringing them to life.

These are all the fabulous things I'm loving this week:

My gorgeous new business cards! A big thanks to Phoebe and Jared for creating the beautiful design. I heart the round edges!

My very sweet new Mary Janes from I heart Billy

Yummy morning tea.. My homemade Valentine's Scones

I finally got a free moment to organise my tower of fabric.. I just wonder how long it will stay like that.

Image from weheartit
I've found my dream studio, now I just need my island.

With five more days left of my proceeds going to the Red Cross bushfire appeal I'm continuing to busily stock my little shop, keep an eye out over the next few days for more new brooches with come very quirky phrases. Here are a few of my favourites currently in stock..

A new design I've been working on the 'Jane Austen' cameo, more of these to come

I heart Wild Flowers

I heart Spring Days

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend with your loved ones. Enjoy the last moments of Sunday, take a deep breath, smile and get ready for a new and amazing week.

Much love