Monday, 14 December 2009

My Place & Yours..Five Minutes Peace

This week's My Place and Yours theme has been thought up by the fabulous Pilgim and it is just glorious! For how doesn't want 'Just Five Minutes Peace' in their ever exciting and busy lives.

My favourite spot in the world to get five minutes peace, my very own sanctuary, is my lovely little vintage desk and Louis XV style chair. It is in the perfect spot by the front window and when the afternoon sunshine streams in, there is no place I would rather be, curled up with one of my favourite books, a letter or two and my journal.

My little desk and chair.. It is a little bare at the moment because we are moving into our new cottage on Friday but it's one of the last parts of my world I will pack up. I love to fill the little shelves with beautiful books, letters, vintage postcards and ink bottles.

My moleskine journal, a very special place to catch a moment in time, somewhere I always feel at home.

Lovely letters from my dear girls Courtney and Tara.. I can't wait to finish up work for the year on Wednesday so I can write letters all summer long.

And don't think it's just us hard working humans that enjoy five minutes of peace. My delightful Olive also enjoys her kitten peace and quiet too. Yesterday I was searching the whole house for Olive, when finally my hubby found her, in her new favourite spot... cuddled up on the bed, hiding inside my dressing gown.

Olive's very own sanctuary.. Looks like I'll be finding myself a new dressing gown.

Make sure you pop over to Pip's and check out everyone's lovely little favourite spots for that very important five minutes peace and make sure you join in too!

PS. Just a reminder I will be closing my Etsy shop at midnight tonight and will reopen after Christmas, once I'm all settled in to my new studio.

Much love and happy Monday


  1. Hello Sophie

    You have a most wonderful sanctuary! A perfect place to be inspired. I have a black cat called Lilly who like Olive loves settling down onmy dressing gown!

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  2. That is the sweetest desk! My cat has a thing about my dressing gown too, I think it's the fabric.

  3. what an inspiring lil set up! that desk and chair combo make me wish i had an antiquey corner of my house!
    thanks for playing along with my theme this week!

  4. What a lovely work space. It looks like Olive has settled in nicely. x

  5. Olive IS delightful. She adds to the coziness of the corner...

  6. I love your space. I have a similar desk that is one of my favourite places in our home. And a cat that sleeps wherever he wants, in fact, he bed-hops depending on which bed I am closest to in the house at the time! Little rascal - I adore him!
    Wendy xx

  7. Hello, I didn't see your email address in your profile. So hoping you find this here. I've been featuring blogs I've found and want to show my readers each Friday. And today yours is one of the ones featured. I understand you're in the middle of moving, so you might not even get this. But if you do, come over for a visit. Good luck with everything!

  8. What a peaceful place...the desk and oh, my....your sweet Olive! Precious.

  9. Hello. Why has it taken me so long to find your beautiful and utterly stunning world you have here?! Girlie, you have such utterly fantastic style, such a beautiful way of writing, ooh I could stay here forever!

    And your desk is SO DARN PRETTY. I sent a link of it to my Momma who's trying to find inspiration with hers.


  10. Hi Sophie!

    I came via Brenda and I am so glad for her recommendation... You have a lovely blog. I adore your little sanctuary, and when you said it was the last to be packed up I thought, "Oh, that would be me!!"

    So you are busy and I won't leave a long comment. Best of luck moving and happy holidays to you! :-)



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