Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Ideas and Dressing Tables..

I love these final days of the year, with Christmas behind us, the new year around the corner, the sun high in the sky and the world almost in slow motion, still in holiday mode... and I'm right there with them, deep in the beauty and delight of the holiday season.

My holidays have been filled with ideas, plans, measurements and making friends with the people at the local hardware store. Magazines and clippings fill the dining table whilst my journal brims with beautiful images of homes, paint colours, homewares and my little cottage moment by moment becomes our home..

The current state of my dining table.. full of inspiration.

My moleskine journal has become the ultimate place for all my grand ideas, the biggest of which is a plan for a delightful little conservatory, inspired by Susan Southam's Bramasole, nestled in the backyard under the Maple Tree..

Pages of thoughts and notes, an inspiring bedroom, lovely bedside table and quilt.

I find myself spending the mornings sipping tea and pouring though images, making notes over toast and tea before taking to streets, journal and tape measure in hand, ready to find that perfect colour and piece of furniture.. and yesterday I did just that.

As my hubby and I braved the heat to search the local refuse shop for some old tea chests and crates, I stumbled across this gorgeous little old dressing table. Tomorrow the transformation begins, with a few coats of white paint, I hope to give this lovely dressing table a 'French Provincial' feel.

Wishing you a delightful final day of 2009, a time to reflect and look to the future, to make wonderful plans for the coming year.

Much Love


  1. I love the dressing table...
    It will look perfect in white...
    I admire your decorating journal...Oh I wish I was that organized...
    I have paint charts everywhere and have no idea still what shade to do the walls in...
    I have painted 3 in 1 on the walls which is like brilliant white and very chalky feel and need to put a coat over in a semi but I am totally stuck for a shade or tint that I like...
    and I haven't even decided on a trim colour....
    Glad your inspiration clipping are helping...
    They look amazing!!!

  2. I am in the same mode you are in! I have been looking for a dressing table! I've been doing my hair at the kitchen table ( since we never use it for eating anyway) I would love to find an old table like that out here in Virginia. But right now I'm off to continue scrapping the contact paper off my kitchen backsplash... Sarahlynn

  3. The dressing table looks just right and will be a lovely addition to your new house.

    Planning and dreaming are the fun things of life. And even if just a few of those dreams come true, one is happy.


  4. glad you are enjoying the holidays.
    very exciting re your cottage ~ looks so much fun to plan.

    happy 2010! :)


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