Thursday, 31 December 2009

2009 - My year in Pictures..

2009 - What a year it has been...

This year I...

Bought my first house
Adopted a new member into our family, the mischievous kitten Olive
Got my first tattoo
Collected ten vintage typewriters
Made hundreds of brooches and watched my little business blossom
Had my work featured on the front page of Etsy
Had my work featured in Frankie, Real Living and Get Creative magazines

This year has been just so amazing for me. I've soared through many wonderful highs and also experienced some sad lows. My blog has always been a place for me to come to, to ponder, reflect, share and explore my world. Thank you so much for a wonderful year, for all your kind words, comments, support and friendship. It means so much to me and I can't wait to continue blogging and sharing in the fun of 2010. Wishing everyone a delightful evening of new year's celebrations. See you tomorrow to begin a brand new year..

Much love and Happy New Year!


  1. Yowza! 10 vintage typewriters? You are a true collector, madam.

    Any resolutions for the next year? I made some, if you care to take a peek.

  2. My secret wish is to get a tattoo.... but I don't think I'll ever be game enough!

  3. Happy new year! I hope its a wonderful and creative one for you.

  4. How are you guys settling in? Hope everything is cozy and warm. Happy New Year!


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