Sunday, 22 November 2009

A granny chic Christmas..

Inspired by the ever delightful Emma Lamb and The Royal Sisters, I spent a glorious rainy Saturday creating my very own granny chic Christmas tree. As we will be moving into our lovely new house in less than a month, just in time for Christmas, I didn't want to set up our normal tree just to have to pull it down again, so this is my little festive alternative.

I bought the sweet tree from Rose Harvest last weekend and adorned it with some little Christmas granny circles and gorgeous candy stripped ribbon from Spotlight.

I love traditional red and white for Christmas and used a little cream contrast add a golden touch. I've still got a few more to make to fill the back of the tree and I'm so pleased with the say its turned out.

Next on my crochet list is a garland to match my little tree and I can't wait to try out The Royal Sisters lovely twinkle star pattern to match my wee Christmas circles.

Wishing you a wonderful relaxing Sunday. I'll be back tomorrow with this week's My Place and Yours, what a fabulous theme this week collections! I have so many collections I'm not even sure where to start. Trying to fit all my typewriters into one photograph will be very interesting indeed.

Much love and festive thoughts


  1. I am squinting squintingly! Or can I just double up my blanket grannies? Hmn...there are ninety plus potential decorations there...

  2. Dear sophie...
    I adore your tree...
    It looks so amazing...
    Full of granny goodness...and Christmas glee...
    Would love to see some Grandma Twinkles and hope you like my latest tutorial of Grandma Trees...

  3. I just love your tree, I might have to create my own, thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Your little tree is adorable! Very festive.

  5. Great idea for a festive tree and use of granny making skills!! It is lovely.

  6. that looks just gorgeous. I love the colours you have chosen


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