Sunday, 18 October 2009

My Place & Yours..

I awoke this morning to find Olive in her new favourite spot, having a delightful time exploring her favourite blogs and I noticed she had stumbled across a fabulous new post on 'Meet me at Mikes'. Pip has started the sweetest meme, called My Place & Yours. It's perfect for the weekends, capturing moments and seeing the world through Sunday afternoon eyes. When I saw it appear on my screen this morning, thanks to Olive and her creative typing, I just couldn't resist joining in.

This week's theme is 'On the Shelf', so after a quick wander around the house, searching for the right shelf, I came back to my great grandmother's cabinet in my studio, which holds some of my favourite things..

On my shelf, underneath my old singer sewing machine, are my favourite journals and inspiration books, vintage tea pot and my Holga camera.

To play along with this delightful new meme, pop over to Pip's.

Also remember to enter my Etsy anniversary giveaway, just comment on yesterday's post to go into the running to win. Thank you so much to those lovely ladies who have already entered, it is so sweet to read about where your heart belongs.

I'm off to finish some marking and perhaps take a moment to have a cup of tea in the afternoon sunshine.

Happy Sunday
Much love


  1. That teapot is such a lovely colour! So pretty! And I think your cabinet is just full of interesting stuff : books I want to peek at and a sewing machine that I would like to tinker with! Thanks for sneaking us a peek! How kind of you! x

  2. Gorgeous shelf... and that teapot! Oh I'm in love :)
    Love your kitty on the keyboard too! K

  3. Great minds.....I also have a black cat called Olive! This is just the sort of mischief she would get up to too!!!
    Love the teapot...I bet the tea tastes nice too!

  4. such a sweet shelf Sophie I LOVE that teapot and Olive is sooooo adorable xxxx for Olive

  5. What a cute kitty!
    I love that Teapot! Gorgeous colour and very pretty shape!!

  6. some lovely treasures i the teapot and your sweet little kitty too!


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