Saturday, 29 August 2009

I heart my bath and bed..

I am back from the wilderness and as always enjoyed an wonderful adventure. I shared some very beautiful moments of the past two days, a starry night and beautiful sun rise and kayaking down the Murray River with a gorgeous black swan and her cygnets in toe.

After a 13km walk and 23km kayak, I must say though, I am very happy to be home and couldn't wait to walk in the door to enjoy some delightful treats I often take for granted..

A cozy bed with warm blankets

and a hot bath with lots of bubbles...

images from weheartit

Wishing you a wonderful Saturday! I wonder what you are up to? I'm enjoying a lovely morning catching up on blogs and magazines. Perhaps a little trip to town later to potter around a few op shops and find something lovely for dinner. A lovely lazy Saturday indeed.

Much love and daydreams


  1. What a wonderful bed and bath - very jealous!! So beauitful! xxx

  2. I agree, while time in the wilderness is wonderful, it is even more enjoyable know you have a cozy place to land. Can I swap my bed and bath with these? Just lovely!

  3. I know exactly how you feel to be home in your coziness! We have just got back from 5 days of camping & what I love most about it all is the way we all appreciate it so much more when we get home! Glad you had a lovely trip Xx

  4. I heart your bath and bed too Soph...Just beautiful.


  5. Your home looks so lovely Sophie. You must have a talent for interior design as well I suspect! xx

  6. sounds like a lovely weekend! How gorgeous are those pictures you posted. Makes me want to revamp my bedroom. (but i've been wanting to do that for ages and i never get to it - i'm lazy!!)


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