Thursday, 13 August 2009

My Creative Space..

Don't you just love when all the lovely things you have been waiting for in the mail arrive on one day! It was like Christmas this afternoon for me as opened parcels and jumped up and down like a little kid. A few weeks ago I ordered a beautiful Market Bag from Moop and it arrived this afternoon. I'm totally in love! It is even more gorgeous in real life and I'm now tackling the exciting task of shifting bags. Who knew I carried half my life and an entire stationary supplies store in my handbag.

My new handbag, I've named 'Rose'

My creative space - moving the contents of my bag! Other exciting new things to put into my bag include, a lovely new novel from my auntie which I also received in the mail today and my lovely new mobile phone which I can't wait to play with.

Envelopes and a stash of bits and pieces to add to Courtney's letters.

My lovely new Nokia E71, gorgeous new book 'The Secret Scripture' and my journal.

Can't wait to take my new bag out tomorrow, it has so many little pockets and spots for everything, I will never lose anything to the infinity of my bag again. I hope your Thursday has been filled with lovely surprises too. Head over to the wonderful Kirsty to join in the Creative Space fun and make sure you pop over to Megan's a check out all the beautiful photos in August.

PS. Only three days left to enter my little giveaway!

Much love and delightful Moop bags!


  1. oooh, i was just looking through moop this morning! am very jealous.
    and, having seen some pics of your other bags, i think this one is plenty big and vibrant enough for you, and u have the perfect embelishments for it :)

  2. oh, your bag just looks wonderful :)
    big bags are a great thing, i carry always way too much stuff around with me :D


  3. That's one massive bag - I love it but I think I would throw half my house in it. Enjoy it!

  4. Enjoy getting your new bag - caution with all that stuff though, my new bag, bought large to fit all manner of accoutrements, has now burst - not even a year old! Hope yours fares well!!

  5. surprises in the mail ~creative moments ~pure bliss!

  6. Love your bag, and all the stuff in it...Wow... I am not fond of the wait but the arrival of goodies is always jump up and down worthy :)

  7. Excellent bag...plenty big enough for journals & shopping & craft too.

  8. I own two moop bags from when her shop just opened and it is true- they are lovely. :)

  9. OOo I love that bag and one of my favourite colours! :-)

  10. That is a gorgeous bag! I love big bags like that so I can take everything I'd ever need with me.

  11. Rose is lovely! As is your journal.


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