Thursday, 6 August 2009

My Creative Space..

I love that in the busiest, most hectic moments of your life you always have ideas. It's like a little part of your creative soul wakes up when you are really busy and decides to come out and play. I have had wonderful and bustling week creating a new collection of brooches for Georgie Love which are available now and I've also been busy with new and crazy ideas. My creative space changes daily and this afternoon it looks like this...

Inspiration board and journal, my lovely vintage box filled with letters from Courtney, new projects and a stash of books ready to be recreated.

My lovely friends at Readings have done it again, they manage to have every book I could ever dream of and they deliver to my mail box in days. So fabulous! I'm totally in love with this amazing little book, Paris: Made by Hand written by the gorgeous Pia Jane Bijerk.

A new little collection of brooches I am working on for Spring, featuring flowers handmade from vintage book spines. They are the 'Book Blossoms'.

Much achieved this week, but as always plenty more to be done. I was very much hoping to reopen my Etsy shop this Saturday, but due to some sneaky new ideas blooming and not quite enough hours in the day I will be reopening on Sunday instead, with lots of new pieces and a giveaway. Be sure to stop by.

Wishing you a lovely Thursday, make sure you head over to the wonderful Kirsty to join in the fun and show of your own creative space. Also you pop over to Megan's a check out all the lovely photos in August.

Much love and thoughts of Spring


  1. I know exactly what you mean - it's always when I have 3 assignments due the next day that my creativity goes crazy!

  2. Wow that giant sketchbook looks amazing! xx

  3. That book you ordered looks fabulous! I'd love to take a peek! :)

  4. There are so many intriguing things happening here so much to look at-
    Best of luck with re-opening your shop!
    Have a sweet day,

  5. wow just looking at your stuff makes my mind want to go in creative mode..Beautiful and I agree once your brain gets going it's hard to stop it.

  6. oooh, you are a busy bee again and your space is always so full to bursting with inspiration... and the new spring collection look great... :)

  7. I love that first image of your space. Just a hive of creativity.

  8. So many great things all in one space. Love the giant sketchbook.

  9. u must be flat out! i know what u mean re getting ideas in the middle of a pile of other work. your new ideas are looking great :)


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