Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Into the wilderness...

Tonight I'm packing my back pack and I'm off on a little journey for a few days. This time last year I set off on my first Outdoor Ed Expedition with work and just had a wonderful time. I just had to put my hand up again this year for the two day trip that sees our little group walk 15kms, camp the night and then spend the following day canoeing down the Murray River. I'm really looking forward to wandering through the wilderness and enjoying the beauty of the river, although I wish my camping set up looked a little more like this.

image from weheartit

Wishing you a delightful midweek, see you on Friday!

Much love and adventures in the wilderness


  1. Ooo sounds fun - I hope the weather picks up for you! Hope we get some photos too! xxx

  2. Oh, wow- that photo is so lovely!

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