Monday, 31 August 2009

Day Thirty One - To Oz..

This afternoon I just felt like taking a little trip down the Yellow Brick Road...

'To Oz..'

Well here ends the wonderful photo a day in August, what a wonderful way to celebrate all the lovely moments of the month. Thank you so much to Megan from The Byron Life for creating this fabulous challenge. I have enjoyed many delightful afternoon adventures in my backyard and visited some wonderful far away places.

Who is coming up with the next challenge? I've crocheted granny squares in May (and I'm still going) and taken photos in August, what will September bring?

Hope you are having enjoying a lovely start to the week. I best click my heels three times and head back from Oz, to begin cooking dinner.

Much love and Ruby Slippers


  1. what lovely shoes I have loved your photos through the month Sophie! can't believe it's come and gone already

  2. Save the best till last! Your adventures this month have sounded amazing, but there's no place like home...Not sure if I told you, but there is some red shoe stuff going on in my etsy shop right now. Wendy xx

  3. I loved your pix during August too! Thanks for playing along Sophie.
    Septenber will bring something new and inspiring I am sure!


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