Monday, 17 August 2009

Day Seventeen - Letter Box Love

Write a letter and give someone's letter box a little bit of love.

'Letter Box Love'

I skipped to my mail box to find not one, but four lovely letters waiting for me. All with beautiful handmade envelopes and delightful tales. A lovely way to start the week!

Much love and happy Monday


  1. Just sending some Handmade Love your way.
    Hope you are well...should be seeing you soon hey?


  2. Ooo, I've been planning a letterbox mailout zine-ish newsletter to help promote my business and pjp!

    I'm thinking little letter style pieces with a curio (button, drawing, feather etc) that people can sign up for, what do you think? A good way to keep in touch with us when you disappear!


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