Friday, 7 August 2009

Day Seven - Chasing Beauty

On this particular Friday afternoon, whilst the sun was in final hours and the daffodils danced in the breeze, I thought it only perfect to grab my typewriter and head into the garden to chase a little beauty. As the sweet perfume of the blossoming roses and delightful magpie tunes floated through the garden, I sat at my typewriter, sipped my tea and lost myself in one of those lovely little moments.

'Chasing Beauty'

And as the sun is now setting I have retreated inside to sit and enjoy my beautiful new book 'Velvet Pears' by Susan Southam. Wishing you a beautiful Friday, for more wonderful photographers check out a photo a day and let your soul dance with each beautifully captured moment.

Much love and sweet afternoons


  1. Ooo Sophie, if I ask really nicely can I please move into Her Library Adventures?
    Its so pretty and real life is so....not.
    Thanks for all the loveliness.

  2. Magpie tunes sounds a perfect background for creative reflection. Far more than the noise of traffic outside my office! Enjoy your weekend Sophie xx

  3. you have the nicest adventures :)

  4. Lovely photo of a lovely afternoon

  5. Gorgeous composition and perfect lighting! Makes me want to join you in the garden with a book and a cup of tea.

  6. I've been catching up on others' photos.

    I love those rays of afternoon light. You've caught them so well that I can almost feel their warmth coming through the screen!


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