Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Day Nineteen - Inspiration..

Well it seems day eighteen came and went and I think I must have been running behind it, yelling 'Stop, wait! Where's the pause button'. And here we are back at Wednesday again and I was sitting at my desk this afternoon day dreaming and staring at one of my inspiration boards, which I thought I would share.


'One very fine summer’s day when Sophie was eight, her aunt gave her some old curtains and a pair of scissors to keep her entertained for the afternoon. Ten minutes later her little sister was wearing a curtain ball gown complete with lace train. It was at that moment her inner seamstress was born.' - from my bio.

This is a photo of that very dress, my first ever creation as modeled by my beautiful sister. It is a constant source of inspiration and reminds me to create with the same carefree delight and passion as I had when I was eight.

Wishing you a lovely Wednesday, I hope your week has been fabulous. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, spending the day playing hostess to the Complete Works Theatre Company and watching some fabulous Shakespearean plays.

Much love

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  1. That's so lovely! I'd always thought that was such a sweet memory, it must be so nice to have a photo to remind you always!xx


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