Saturday, 8 August 2009

Day Eight - My favourite things

Today was a day for shopping adventures, catching up with delightful friends for afternoon tea and delightful gifts. Knowing how much I love Paris, my very sweet friend Clare found me the most beautiful handmade card I think I have ever seen whilst she was in Melbourne.

'Pop Up Paris'

Needless to say it has now taken pride of place on my desk next to the fabulous Paris: Made my Hand the ultimate Paris shopping companion.

I was also lucky enough to receive an amazing handmade birthday present from my dear friend and incredible artist Moana, which has indeed become my favourite new writing companion.

My beautiful new journal handmade by Moana from an old art sign.

The beautiful inside cover is collaged with all my favourite things as well as Moana's delightful illustrations and she has even stitched my name into it. It is indeed one of the most amazing handmade gifts I have received. You must check out Moana's handbook journals on her in her Etsy shop and she also does custom orders.

Well I must be off, I'm in for a busy evening finishing work on my new collections for my shop re-opening tomorrow. Be sure to stop by as I will be having a giveaway to celebrate!

Much love


  1. Lucky girl! What a fabulous gift - it's just gorgeous.

    And I do love the pop-up-Paris.

  2. some beautiful and special gifts for you Sophie

  3. Love the card and the notebook! Sweet friends!

  4. This Eiffel tower is great!



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