Sunday, 23 August 2009

All in a delightful Weekend..

As the sun fades on a beautiful Sunday, I finally have a moment to stop, catch my breath and reflect on a wonderful few days.

Saturday saw me on a bus at 5:30am on my way to Bendigo with thirteen very excited and nervous students, headed for the Tournament of Minds regional finals. My fabulous friend Jade was there with me to keep the kids pumped and hold my hand through the nervous wait for the teams to begin. The whole day was just wonderful and I am so proud of both the teams performances and we had a very exciting phone call on the way home to let us know that one of the teams had won and was off to the state finals! Moments like Saturday make me just realise how much I adore teaching.

So as the sun rose this morning, after a lovely sleep-in I spent the day chasing beauty with my hubby, visiting all my favourite places.

First stop was Rose Harvest to potter around and search for some sweet treasures. It was lovely to catch up with the gorgeous owner Sue and take some photos of her amazing shop.

'Little Birds'

'Roses and Tea'

'Moments of Spring'

And of course a trip to Rose Harvest would not be complete without just a few little purchases, which included some very sweet vintage books and an new addition to my typewriter collection...

An amazing Olympia 1953 SG-1. Although it needs some TLC, I'm just totally smitten with this fascinating industry style typewriter.

After Rose Harvest we went for a wander around the Botanical Gardens. Although we were a little early for the blossoming roses we did stumble across the beautiful beginnings of Spring including some beautiful native plants.

'Butterfly Songs'

After this day full of delights, I'm off to enjoy a relaxing evening with my hubby, with some yummy Mexican food, a glass of wine and a little bit of Australian Idol. I hope you have had a wonderful and inspiring weekend too.

Much love and moments of Spring


  1. lovely post...I love those little fabric birds

  2. Wow! What gorgeous photos, especially the last one with the butterfly! Beautiful x

  3. What a beautiful place! It looks very sweet and magical. The botanical gardens sound lovely as well. It sounds like a wonderful weekend indeed!


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