Saturday, 27 June 2009

Shopping List Saturday..

My constant fascination with interesting and unusual characters in the world connects me to a beautiful and strange variety of places. From pirate ships, gypsy caravans, Victorian mansions and French castles to tree houses, mushroom rings and today's theme.. the circus. There is just something wonderfully inspiring and about history and tales behind the world of the circus. With wonderful and bizarre people around every corner and its rich colours, sights and sounds.. today I want to be under the big top.

1. The Midway Tote. by Beesnetta
2. Under the Big Top by charmedbeginnings
3. Around and Around 8x8 Metallic Photo by bomobob
4. Sideshow Earrings by PoleStar
5. Print - The Trapeze Twins by Roadside
6. Deux Acrobates by lizart

Take a moment to brew a fresh pot of tea and pop over to the fabulous Fancy Picnic to check out the other amazing Shopping Lists. The perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday, doing something your absolutely love. The skies are grey and it is beautifully misty and overcast here, a part of me wants stay in and curl up with a book but instead I'm off to a writer's workshop, to mingle, giggle and write my heart out. We have an evening of readings coming up in July for the Mildura Writers' Festival so I will be busily working on a piece to read. I will be back later to share my adventures and some bit and pieces from my lovely new journal.

Much love and Circus fun!


  1. Thanks for the lovely circus adventure! Love the trapeze twins.

    A writers workshop sounds like an interesting creative affair. Hope your having fun. :)

  2. hello sophie
    lovely list this the mystery & fun that surrounds the circus....have you read "water for elephants" by sara gruen, a really lovely story i think you might like
    hope your writers workshop was fun xx

  3. Hi Sophie, your list reminds me of an old quirky fave series that aired (some time ago) on SBS called 'Carnivale'. I wonder if you have seen it? I think it would appeal. All the wonders and mysteries of Carni-life (and a slightly gothic-supernatural theme thrown in too).

  4. Oh Oh, in my hours trawling through wedding sites for inspiration for our wedding, I found the COOLEST vintage circus/sideshow style wedding. I don't remember where it was now, but if I find it I'll come tell you pronto! :)

  5. Oooh, loving the Midway tote! Caught my eye immediately!

  6. lovely trapeze twins. many writers seem to have a fascination with trapeze artists...Dean Koontz, John Irving...

  7. oh and the series Carvivale- was amazing.


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