Saturday, 13 June 2009

Shopping List Saturday..

On this overcast and wintery morning I am already very busy indeed. To honor all of the busy bees in the world, madly working to make the most of every minute, this week's Shopping list is dedicated to the most industrious and beautifully coloured little insect in town.. the bumble bee.

1. Bumblina Bee Girl print by thepoppytree
2. Albino Bee Felt Pillow with Hand Stitched Applique by lovecalifornia
3. Amelia Bumble Print by theblackapple
4. Bumble Bee Enamel Flower Ring by SpiderellaStudio
5. Bee Girl PRINT by acageybee

Take a moment to brew a fresh pot of tea and pop over to the fabulous Fancy Picnic to check out the other amazing Shopping Lists. The perfect way to spend a Saturday morning.

The kettle has boiled and I'm off to begin my very busy weekend. Report writing and custom orders here I come. The end is in sight and I look forward to a big shop update next weekend which will include some of my new tea bag brooches. I hope you have a fabulous weekend whatever you are up to.

Much love and bumble bees


  1. That's a beautiful shopping list! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Wow, just love your gorgeous bumble bees Maggie!!! xx

  3. very cute list this week Sophie :)

    apologies for not popping by sooner, it's taking me a wee while to get back into things and catch up with all my blogging buddies...

    hope your having a fabulous weekend even though you have a ton of reports to write!

    i'm off to read the rest of your lovely posts... :)



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