Sunday, 21 June 2009

Shop Update - New Brooches...

I have spent the weekend amongst yards of fabric and thread, in a little world all of my own, busily cutting and sewing creating a two new ongoing collections which I'm very excited about. Tonight is a little preview of many more to come over the next week.

My first collection of brooches is a little project I have been working for the past month, something that I truly heart... The Tea Bag Collection.

Inspired by my great grandmother's tea cup collection and created especially for those who heart tea these little brooches are hand embroided and the perfect tea loving accessory.

There are four little tea bag brooches in my Etsy shop at the moment with more joining the little collection later in the week.

Also in my little Etsy shop are some new I heart brooches, inspired by all the beautiful things I'm adoring this week.

This is the beginning of a new colourful collection that will include literary and travel inspiration as well as some very cute and quirky suggestions from a very dear friend. Keep an eye out through the week for more I heart brooches and some little petite brooches too.

After a busy little day I'm off to spend a relaxing evening with my hubby by the fire. I hope you have enjoyed a lovely weekend, I very much looking forward to my two weeks of holidays coming up on Friday. Plenty of time to catch up on all my favourite things!

Much love and brooches!


  1. Those little tea bags are so cute!

  2. love the tea bag one ... very cute

  3. oh my, they're just lovely Sophie!!

  4. I love the 'tea bag brooches', they are so sweet!

  5. the teabags are

    love them.

    <3 sarasophia

  6. The teabags are so cute and I heart the heart ones!!

  7. What a joy it was to find your beautiful blog! :) I heart your owl badges. Simply gorgeous! So glad I took a trip down the rabbit hole! It certainly is a wonderland! :) xx

  8. Hope you don't mind me annoying you AGAIN but I have to let you know that your blog has been tagged :) No need to link my address (as rules suggest) just spread the joy! D :)

  9. Cute little tea bags, what a lovely idea. They would make very special presents for friends.

    I'm really loving the bright fabrics you're using on the brooches too!

  10. Have to say, these are brilliant! Love!


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