Saturday, 13 June 2009

My kind of garden..

One day I would love to create a beautiful and fascinating garden that looks like this...

Images from here

Until then, I will just admire this incredible creation 'The Fenland Alchemist Garden' a gold medal winner at the recent Chelsea Flower Show. This garden takes a look at the life of a traditional Fen Tiger who practices the ancient art of alchemy. It feeds off the myths and mystery which surround The Fens. What I find so magical about this little nook is that it looks like it has been standing for hundreds of years, but was in fact created in just a few short days and was made using only reclaimed, recycled and discarded materials. This is definitely my kind of garden.

Well I must stop procrastinating and daydreaming about lovely gardens and get back to report writing. The end is slowly getting closer.

Much love and delightful gardens


  1. Oh this is just beautiful, living off nature with nature, in nature. Just amazing i have always imagined myself living in an overgrown but wonderfully useful garden.

    To feel as though you are not living on top of the earth but with the earth.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  2. i love this garden, it was one of my favourites from the show....xx

  3. Ugh, report writing... keep procrastinating and dreaming, I say! Beautiful pictures.

  4. What a gorgeous little pocket of green! They can come around and set one up in my backyard if they like, right now it's just that scrubby bush that native Australia insists on growing. :/

  5. this is gorgeous! just my kind of garden... i can't believe its been created in just a few days! there goes all my excuses for not having my 'dream garden'!

    thank you so much for showing me some wonderful inspiration just when i needed it.. i'm going to put one of these pics on my fridge so i look at it everytime i go out to my little plot.. no excuses now!

    linda :) x

  6. What a magical little space.

  7. Hi Sophie,
    I was fascinated with this garden entry does look like its been around forever doesn't it....xx


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