Thursday, 11 June 2009

My Creative Space..

My these Thursdays really come around fast, I've had very little time to create this week but I'm very busily jotting down ideas and dreaming of the coming weeks when I can finally get back into the swing of things. At the moment it is all marking and report writing but I always have a pen and paper handy for moments of inspiration. My creative space is a stash of my favourite new bits and pieces and the random contents of my desk that provides endless hours of fun and inspiration when procrastinating.

Sources of Inspiration - Alexandria by Nick Bantock, my Holga and Polaroid cameras, my 'wreck this journal' and some lovely bits and pieces I found in Tasmania.

Reliquaire is perhaps the most incredible and outrageous shops I have ever visited, if you are ever in Latrobe you must go there. I never leave empty handed and this time was no exception. I found some gorgeous Belle and Boo badges of my favourite series of season illustrations and a very sweet little scribble journal by okt-ober dee.

How gorgeous is my new tea cup! An early birthday present from my family, who always manage to find the most perfect apple gifts for everyone. It is just the right size for a perfect cup of tea. I'm also adoring the gorgeous novel 'The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society' which I finally bought at the airport after many months of procrasting. So glad I finally picked it up.

My 'wreck this journal' page this week was an interesting one which required some creative moments indeed. Still in progress I had to take a break from the ink licking when people began to stare at me..

Make sure you head over to the wonderful Kristy at Kootoyoo to join in the fun and show off your Creative Space.

Well my hands are numb and the sun has set so quickly that I am now sitting in the dark so I'm off to pop the kettle on, turn on the lights and settle in to some more marking with a nice hot pot of tea. A very busy weekend ahead working on reports so my posts for the next few days will indeed be short and sweet. I just can't wait to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Much love and pots of tea


  1. Your space is a wonderful jumble of loveliness Soph.

  2. I love your space this week! I'm a little worried about ink licking though? I have a set of belle and boo badges too - I love them so much, I wear them everyday! Your badge is fastened tightly to my handbag!

    p.s. I am hosting a sponsored giveaway for a beautiful handcarved stamp - you can enter here.

    x nadine
    little lovelies

  3. Fabulousness. What a joyful tangle of inspiring things. I love visiting your spaces.

  4. I guess you will be busy writing reports tomorrow then?! Hope it all goes well. In the meantime, you can just keep looking at your creative space for inspiration!

  5. What a lovely space this week! It all looks so inspirational! And that book you bought at the airport sounds intriguing.....

  6. Oh an art journal. I really should have one - but I'm scared to make a mistake! Silly I know. Think I should just get over it.

  7. Must be so tempting to put down the marking and have a daydream in your space!

  8. Those badges look fabulous!

  9. I have a Wreck This Journal too, but I'd totally forgotten about it 'til now. I'm so bad at journals. :-/ Love your full, creative space!

  10. am looking forward to the end of term too {hubby is a history teacher}. love the badges and how busy your space looks even though you are working on other things :)

  11. What a fabulous space- I am lost at what to look at first- I need some time here- I love journals too- I usually have three or four on the go- anyway,I will return, it all looks irresistible!

  12. When you are busy on something else thats when some of the best ideas appear. All the best with getting through the reports, my sister's a teacher so I know how time consuming it is.

  13. Another beautiful and interesting space Sophie. You are a joy to visit

  14. i love your little journal, and i can just imagine the looks you would be getting... i think even i would be a little intrigued if i saw someone licking their sketchbook pages!

    ...and i love your wee pile of buttons, especially that big white one which i'm guesssing is mother of pearl ~ yum ~ ...hmmm, maybe today i can do a little thrifting :)



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