Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Journals and Big Ideas..

I'm constantly fascinated by the evolution of ideas and dreamings. They are little moments in your subconscious and sometimes like tiny butterflies they manage to break free of their shell and take flight. I have often considered investing in a sturdy butterfly net in order to catch some of my crazier daydreams. If we are really lucky some days we might just catch one of those lovely little ideas upon a page and snap the book shut, hoping it will not escape. This is when you needs a very trusty journal by your side at all times.

I was so excited to return home to a lovely package waiting for me. The fabulous Megan from The Byron Life create totally gorgeous recycled notebook for beautiful preloved golden books. When I saw the perfect one for me in her Etsy shop Mellimoomoo I just had to have it. Now it has taken pride of place on my desk ready to be filled with wonderful fluttering ideas.

My gorgeous new Alice in Wonderland journal..

I've had an idea fluttering around just out of my reach for a long time now, something that has been right in front of me and I have never realised. Finally during a writing workshop last month I was able to catch it on paper just by chance and ever since I have been spellbound with this little exploding day dream, finally a concept for a strange little novel, not quite for children, perhaps for those wishing they still were.

I have always written for adults and never thought of searching through all my inspiration to find that everything I adore to write about is really aimed children and the 'always young at heart'. So I've spent the the weekend getting all my ideas roughly down on paper and for the first time I've begun to collaborate these with all my favourite inspirational characters, settings and narratives.

Setting inspiration - Count Olaf's house

Character and Setting inspiration - my favourite heroines..

I've realised through this process just how much my childhood reading has influenced my own story telling, the places, people and adventures. I would love my protagonist to be a little bit of Alice, Dorothy, Mary Lennox and Sara Crew and I've only just begun to consider all the books and films I love.

So now I am beginning the planning and writing process, much to my absolute delight. All the possibilities begin to collide and my page becomes a melting pot of the strange, the wonderful and the crazy.

Planning in process - a strange little time line and scribbled pages.

As my tale grows and I make sense of all my scribble I will let you in on the secrets and adventures that find their way onto my page. Right now all I know is, it's about a girl, a very big house, an even bigger imagination and one tiny key.

Now that the kettle is boiled I'm off to brew a pot of tea and get a few hours creating in before I settle down to mark English essays. Wishing you an inspiring Tuesday.

Much love and wild imaginings


  1. Ooooh, sounds so exciting! I love to see a book full of words, it almost doesn't matter what they say, just the possibilities of something magic being hidden in there! Have a lovely day xx

  2. What a great find - Alice in Wonderland is perfect for you. Looking forward to following your process.

  3. i'm intrigued already! good luck with the writing and the journal looks the perfect place to scribble down all your ideas :)
    linda x

  4. So glad Alice arrived safely Sophie xo
    I love hearing about this writing process of yours... and love the way you visually plot things out (I do that too!!)
    This will be a wonderful book I am sure.


  5. THat's such a fabulous idea. Sounds magical so far!

  6. Sounds delightful ~ looking forward to reading / seeing more of your writing adventures as they develop.
    In a way it reminds me of those childhood books ~ stepping away from reality and sinking knee deep in the magical & mystery.

    I love reading your blog, it's very inspiring!

  7. Hi. I just wanted to say that I'm enjoying your blog a lot.

    I love how you create your inspirational pages. That's great. I've been wanting to do something like that, but I never find the energy. I just refresh my inspirational cork board from time to time and that's the whole extent of it.

  8. Hi! I think your journal alone will be an amazing read - however jumbled up - and inspirational.

    Looking forward to more :)

  9. How wonderful! What a lovely place to keep your scribbles and thoughts!

  10. Oh what a journey you are going to take us on. It's captivating.

    I love Megan's journals too.

  11. How exciting! The idea in itself is exciting but the way you tell it is so fantastical. You're already making me anxious for it to come out so I can read my own copy. Ha ha. Good luck with it all. I hope you find enough time to give to this little adventure.

  12. My imagination is running wild after reading this post. I love how you've just let the whole process evolve of it's own natural accord into that one 'A-ha!' moment! Cheers to all the adventures that are still brewing.

  13. love you new notebook, such a cute idea for an etsy shop... i'll definately be keeping an eye out for one of my own!

    ...and i'm looking forward to hearing more about your story, i love the idea of a giant house and a tiny little key... i already know it's going to be very mysterious and exciting, and the wee map you've drawn is fascinating! keep teasing us with little snippets... :)

  14. How exciting!

    It reminds me of all the children's books I used to read when I was a kid -okay I still read them! In fact I just picked one out of my bookcase last night, The Ghost of Thomas Kempe by Penelope Lively. There's nothing like a 70s fantasy about old houses and ghosts. :D I started writing one myself about highwaymen, it's stuffed in my hard drive with 49398 other started books. I love to start books...now if I could only love finishing them!


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