Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Home again as Winter sets in...

I will dance wherever the wind takes me, in search for an adventure.

This weekend the cool winter breeze blew me south to Tasmania for a weekend of family, laughter and a need for warm coats. We had a beautiful celebration for Aunty Linny's 90th birthday high in the mountains of Beulah, meandered along the breath taking Table Cape and danced through the last of the Autumn leaves in Lauceston's City Park. All together a very delightful long weekend.

City park - Lauceston

Table Cape Lighthouse

My sisters and I very excited to find a road named after our family!

More tales and photos to come over the next few days. With the last few weeks of term two just around the corner my world is going into overdrive. A few crazy weeks ahead and then I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing two weeks holiday. I must be off to find a nice spot by the fire and get settled in for the night to mark a huge pile of English essays. If I haven't stopped by your blog today, I will be around soon I promise. So many lovely posts to catch up on.

Much love and chilly winter evenings (where is my hot water bottle?)


  1. so glad you had a happy weekend Sophie, the weather has finally turned wintery! and you were in Launceston too!

  2. I know Tasmania well as I have family there. I love it and would move there tomorrow if I didn't have to work here! Thanks for sharing pics

  3. Your weekend sounds lovely. Tasmania sounds like a great place to visit. xox

  4. I love Tasmania and winter evenings, beautiful pic of you and your sisters!

  5. your blog is fantastic. i was so chuffed to find out you are tasmanian or visiting tasmania. i live near city park.

    beautiful pictures


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