Wednesday, 29 April 2009

With frost comes blueberries and cold toes...

So the news confirmed my suspicions... it's cold, really cold! And it's only April! After searching high and low for clothes to wear to work this morning I've decided that I'm not at all prepared for winter and the cold has sprung early! It is snowing in the mountains already and we are in for frosts here in the morning. A small excitement, whilst I try to regain feeling in my toes, is that with any luck my blueberries will fruit soon, so I can make yummy blueberry pie to keep us warm!

So I've done some hunting for my winter wish list and here is what I'm loving today...

Just gorgeous I think I might have to buy it - Vintage Mustard Trench Coat from ramonawest

Too cute and so very nerdy seamstress -Tapemeasure scarf by Knit and Destroy

And to keep my toes warm (and match the lovely trench) - Candy Stripe Mary Jane House Shoes by elephant and chickpea

I'm still searching for a pair on mid calf, small heeled, black, round toed boots. If you have see any on your travels please let me know, I'm getting desperate!

I'm off to curl up by the fire with tea and apple pie (while I await my blueberries) to make a lovely granny square or two. Check out my granny square adventures tomorrow in my creative space.

Much love and cozy blankets


  1. Ohh i just had apple pie tonight too! LOVE those stripey shoes by the way xx

  2. it's freezing!! we had apple pie the other nite too { on the couch under the dooner with the heater on}. am searching for boots too :)

  3. oooh, elephant and chickpea! i really need a pair of those for myself too!

    it's been cold and damp here these last few days too... i had to go and unpack my winter woollies!

  4. Meanwhile, for me, it's April and it's STILL cold. It should be warm here by now. It's warm in other parts of this continent, I know it. But not here. Nooo, of course not here. *sigh*

  5. hello - I'm de-lurking to say, I love your choices here. So funny to hear you say that it's snowing in the mountains - we are just starting with our really nice weather here in the south of the UK - definitely flip flop weather!


  6. Gorgeous coat! I love the colour!
    I'm looking forward to the summer here but I also enjoy what you are having now with the cold & the snuggling indoors x

  7. Dear oh dear you cant tempt us like that. I went straight to the shoe site and they are away or something and theres nothing there HELP I need those in pink !!!

  8. Oh my, those flats just took my breath away!

  9. That trench coat is divine. Paired with those shoes you would look a picture of sunshine through winter.

    My gorgeous package arrived yesterday by the way. Thank you so much for the "Tinniegirl Collection".

  10. The coat is gorgeous and I was checking out the lovely house shoes just the other day, so pretty!

    Micki x


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