Wednesday, 15 April 2009

A touch of yesteryear - my antique finds..

Our beautiful Easter weekend would not have been complete without a rummage through some of Mildura's lovely Antique shops and it seems no matter how hard I try I can never quite walk away empty handed. I realised just how keen my Bowerbird instincts are when the shop assistant at Rose Harvest Antiques walked into one of the small and beautifully cluttered rooms to find me sitting on the floor delving into the back corner under with my head under a dressing table (minding all the silverware as I went) in search for old tattered books. Here are my treasures..

Postcards and two beautiful old books (from under the dressing table)
I can't wait to use the green one called General Science which has beautiful revision notes written all over the back cover.

I couldn't resist this crossword puzzle book, it tells such a fascinating story

A beautiful ink bottle to add to my collection... there is just something about ink bottles I adore, perhaps it is all the letters they have help to create.

I found this little 'Kinco' brass trinket box in another little room in Rose Harvest again sitting on the ground in search of books. I pulled this out from under an old trunk, I love that it was hidden away as if it were holding a secret.

My favourite find of all was actually at the Old Wentworth Goal. I have been searching everywhere from some lovely old skeleton keys and couldn't believe my luck to find these in one of the tiny antiques rooms.

I search things that catch my eye, which often are not the prettiest or most clean. I love my antiques to tell stories of the days they spent on mantel pieces and in dusty cupboards.. Often I am searching for pieces that can be trasformed into artwork and sometimes things.. well I just can't leave without them.

Have a wonderful Wednesday! I will be back a little later with some of the new pieces I have been working on. It's windy, dark and dusty here, the perfect reading weather.

Much love and antique treasures


  1. Such beautiful finds. I love the old keys too.... I would love to start collecting keys to make a key tree.

  2. Oh those keys. How lovely are they? You have such a great knack for finding treasure. Can't wait to see the new pieces you are working on.

  3. Gorgeous, If I ever find myself in Mildura I'm going to look you up and ask if you'll take me treasure hunting ! Sometimes when you are on your own you dont see things that are right in front of you and it takes someone else to point them out. These are lovely finds.

  4. ooo, that tiny trinket box is just beautiful, i love the worn corner... :)

    it looks like you had a fab week with your family... the snake necked turtle is such a dude!!!


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