Thursday, 30 April 2009

My Creative Space..

Don't the weeks just disappear, I feel like I have just finished writing my creative space for last week! Many exciting creative moments going on in my world and just never enough time to make it all happen at once. This week full of delightful gifts from the library fairies, dreaming up more brooches and of course granny squares!

Four little granny squares, won't quite keep me warm just yet! I'm just loving the colours so much, can't wait to see how it all comes together.

I arrived at work this morning to find a little plastic bag sitting on my desk and when I opened it.. this beautiful treasure was inside. The library fairies had come to visit again.

Nearly 100 years old, this beautiful book is literally had sewn back together, full of beautiful text and illustrations I am just spellbound.

Also from the fairies:

Some beautiful old linen and doilies from an estate sale and gorgeous sheet music. I'm in for a very creative weekend indeed.

Another lovely surprise for the day was that one of my brooches made it to the Etsy front page! This is a first for me so I have had a smile for ear to ear all afternoon. A big thank you and congratulations the very talented Emma Lamb for putting together such a beautiful treasury and for featuring my 'I heart Adventure' brooch.

Mossy curated by Emma Lamb

Head over to Kristy at Kootoyoo to join in the fun and show off your Creative Space.

Tomorrow is May day which is very exciting indeed because it's not your average teaching day. Our school's tradition is to celebrate with a cross country race and a carnival and concert. Bring on the crazy stalls, jumping castles and face painting, all together a very fun day! My students and I are making sundaes and ice cream soda, so I'm off to dust off my yellow tutu and glitter, finish making posters and bunting and get all our supplies together.

Much love and creative moments


  1. *gasp* that book looks incredible! I'm fascinated by old books atm, I picked up a few books from the 1920's from an op shop in Melbourne last month, including a well loved french dictionary!!

  2. what a amazing little treasure the fairies left you... & i love your grannies...

    x nadine
    little lovelies

  3. What lovely things you have in your creative space. And I love your granny squares, just gorgeous colours!

  4. Love your granny squares, I've got to learn how to make them! The book and doilies are amazing too. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love old books, and this one seems really beautiful!Lucky you!

  6. Gorgeous.

    That book is wonderful!

  7. oh my you have had such a busy week Sophie I am loving your grannies! and those goodies from the library fairies, they sure do love you!!!!! Congratulations on the Etsy Treasury, you deserve it - you know how much I love your brooches. May Day at your school looks wonderful, we never did anything like that when I was at school

  8. Your crochet looks wonderful.

    The fairies put gorgeous goodies in my Po Box this week. Lucky, lucky me.

  9. oh, Sophie your wee grannies are looking fab, those colours are gorgeous together!

    seriously, your first front page!? i was sure you would have been on there lots of times already! anyway, i'm pleased i could help :)

    may day sounds like it was lots of fun, have a fab weekend...


  10. Oh, your granny squares are looking so good already! I love the colors you picked!
    I started my blanket today - I can't stop crocheting now! :)

  11. I love old books! Your site is so beautiful!


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