Wednesday, 22 April 2009

My Apple Isle Adventures..

I'm back and it feels like I've been gone such a long time! What a wonderful few days I've had away in the beautiful Tasmania, full of wonderful moments and adventures. I spent time with my beautiful extended family who I had not seen in over a decade, captured stunning scenery, played in Autumn leaves, danced along the beach, rummaged through amazing shops including Reliquaire, enjoyed yummy food and wine and had a all round fabulous extended weekend. I wish I could fly down every weekend, it is a place everyone must visit!

Me and my red shoes dancing with Daisies

Here are a few shots from my Apple Isle adventures..

Lots of flowers, pink and bubbles at my inspirational Great Aunt's 90th birthday.

Beautiful wildflowers in Latrobe

The amazing Autumn leaves at Belle's Parade in Latrobe

The beautiful view from the Bluff in Devonport

Hawley Beach, Devonport, the sky was just so beautiful and blue..

And of course my post would not be complete without sharing my purchases with you.. I just wish my suitcase had been bigger, there were just so many lovely things to buy!

I couldn't resist this gorgeous Gabee leather handbag, some lovely antique postcards and a very sweet 1940's copy of Alice in Wonderland.

It is wonderful to be back and I'm not doing any more adventuring for a little while so I'm looking forward to getting back to my little blog and shop and having a lovely catch up with all the wonderful people I have missed in blog land. I've had some fabulous ideas whilst travelling and can't wait to get into my studio and bring them to life over the next few weeks. A shop update to come over the weekend!

I'm off enjoy some blog reading and catch up on some orders, if I can drag myself away from staring at the beautiful pink sunset. Can't wait for Creative Space Thursday tomorrow!

Much love and happy adventures..


  1. Beautiful honey! Maybe we can drag our husbands along for a Tassie adventure later on in the year! x

  2. That looks like a delicious little holiday. Sweet shoes :)

  3. What a lovely weeekend adventure you had. LOVE the red shoes and especially LOVE the vintage Alice book.

  4. oh I am soooo happy you had a wonderful time while here in Tassie, and lovely pics too and that 1940s Alice in Wonderland is to die for!!!! A shame you weren't actually visiting Launceston, maybe next time??????

  5. Gorgeous photos but as for the book! I love old books, I have a stack of them but that one is something special! x

  6. your photos are beautiful, I love your red shoes!

  7. I feel like I have been able to go on a little holiday already. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

  8. All sounds so wonderful, Sophie! And of course, lovely to come back with those treasures! x


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