Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Life on the Murray - a week in pictures...

What a delightful week it has been here in Mildura. My lovely in-laws have flown back to Queensland today after a very enjoyable week in which I got to play hostess and tour guide of our pretty little town, my husband was the chauffeur and fabulous chef. I was amazed at just how relaxing it was to spend the morning sight seeing and the afternoon pottering in the sunshine, crocheting, finding the answers to crossword puzzles and drinking tea. I was also inspired to create a few new pieces whilst watching the sun set which I will feature in a post tomorrow. It was beauitful to be able to capture my week in photographs and I just can't resist sharing some of our adventures.


A ride in a paddle steamer down the Murray River

View of the weir back towards Mildura..

Lunch and wine tasting at Trentham Estate Cellar Door

A visit to the Wentworth Gaol to see Palimpsest #7
Sculpture - Mortified Landscapes by Kate Vivian

A fossick through the lavendar for beautiful antiques..

Through the secret garden gate to Rose Harvest

...to find wonderful treasures

Flora and Fauna

My favourite shade of rose..

A very beautiful and vivid native wattle.

Some delightful little toadstools - I was secretly searching for the fairies..

A very friendly Pied Butcherbird.. they have the most delightful songs.

We couldn't believe our luck when we stumbled upon this beautiful snake-necked turtle whilst taking a walk through King's Billabong.

Just a little slice of my beautiful week.. Tomorrow's post will bring the lovely treasures I found whilst rummaging through some of our wonderful antique shops and even my favourite little find from the old goal. I will also be updating my shop with a few new pieces inspired 'autumn leaves and dust jackets'. It is so lovely to be back, I've missed my little blog everyone in blog land very much.

Until tomorrow,
Much love and delightful adventures


  1. Ooh, I can't wait to see your lovely treasures from the antiques shop! Your photos are very pretty. Looks like you had gorgeous weather x

  2. very cool pics ... My parents took us on an old paddle steamer when we were little ... they yapped on about nature and stuff, my brother and i were just stoked we got a can of lemonade each and a packet of cheetos

  3. good morn Sophie...
    love your blog...
    great pic's
    have a great week
    mona & the girls

  4. Beautiful photos! They make me long for green! I don't see much of that color here. Desert colors tend to be more muted.

  5. What a treat your post has been. What a beautiful area you live in Sophie...so glad you have had such a good week...welcome back to bloggy land.

  6. Cant wait to see more, you've got me on the edge of my blogging seat !!!

  7. That turtle is amazingly cool! I've never seen such a thing before! (Of course, I've never been to your part of the world before, so that could have something to do with it...ha!)

  8. Oh these photos bring back memories of when I lived there - I really need to go back for a few days to see if the place has changed much. I'd love to go back to Trentham Estate - loved that place!


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