Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Dust Jackets and Autumn Leaves - New Works

Whilst meandering through my little town in search of treasures and delightful adventures I was inspired by the beautiful tones of Autumn, deep brown, chocolate, sepia, mustard and cream. As I gathered fabric and ephemera in these shades, three pieces emerged with undertones of beauty, magic, dance and hidden forests. These are the first pieces in a continuing collection, 'Dust Jackets and Autumn Leaves'.

'Nor Even Words' - Tiny Mixed Media Original Artwork

The Autumn Garden Mixed Media Brooch

Mixed Media brooch can be worn or display as an artwork

'In Forests Old' - Original Mixed Media Collage

Each of these pieces is now available in my little Esty shop. I will also be updating my shop later today with a small new collection of petite brooches so be sure to stop by.

I'm off to drink tea, sew buttons and read the afternoon away...
Much love


  1. ahhh what a way to spend the afternoon

  2. I love Autumn and you have captured it beautifully !

  3. Oo, like that vintage chair!

  4. i really love your new work Sophie, the mustard yellow colours in 'in forests old' are lovely... :)

    happy tea drinking and button sewing!

  5. nice to have you back, hope you had a lovely easter weekend....

    your new work is looking lovely

    take care xx

  6. I love them all!
    They are unique, original and clever!


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