Sunday, 26 April 2009

Autumn is for tea and granny squares...

It has been a delightful weekend here in my little cottage, the fire is on, it has been raining for two days and I have spent the weekend merrily playing in my studio, watching films, sipping tea and crocheting granny squares.

I'm very happy fill my shop with some new 'I heart' brooches, I have lists full of lovely new things to heart so there will be many more to come. This little collection of eight was inspired by my love for rainy days, beautiful gardens and the cinema. I was very excited to use some of my beautiful fabrics from Tinniegirl and twopinkpossums in this little bunch.

They are available in my Etsy shop now and get in quick as a few have already skipped out the door.

As the cooler weather sets in I can't help but pick up my crochet hook and dream up beautiful blankets for my bed and throws for my couch. It's a shame I never quite realise just how long it will take but I'm a dreamer so I don't mind. At the moment I'm working my way though my friend's white baby blanket and warming a little more to the classic colour as my pile of square continues to go.

Yesterday's little stash of lovely white squares.

This morning however I woke up with a plan, I decided I would multitask and back two blankets at the same time. I have never crocheted a large bed size blanket before but I'm coming up to my one year crocheting anniversary so I thought I would take the plunge. So I took a trip to Lincraft with my fingers crossed to find some lovely soft, well priced, beautifully coloured acrylic yarn. After wandering the isles it was my hubby who finally found what I had been searching for...

I ended up with Panda magnum soft 8ply in brown, cream, eggplant and teal. As soon as I got home I set my new hook to work, I'm delighted with the colours together and am now totally obsessed with my new project.

The first square of many... stay tuned.

Well I'm off to finish some preparation for work tomorrow and hopefully get in a few more squares whilst watching the finale of 'So you think you can dance' tonight. But before I go I must share with you a little photo I captured with morning.

We often see these beautiful little green birds around the backyard but they are usually to fast to catch on camera. This morning I got very lucky when I managed to capture one enjoying my lavender.

Much love and happy Sunday!


  1. love the new brooches...the owl is very cute...
    winter is a great time to get out the crocheting and sit by the fire...
    love the granny squares!!!

  2. Gorgeous colours you've chosen for your grannys. Very nice.

    The brooches look great.

  3. hi sophie,

    i'm finally catching up on some blog reading... and it looks like you've been having a wonderful time!

    i love your pics from your wee break in Tasmania, especially your red shoes and the pink themed birthday bash! oh, and you should definately start a red shoe collection... you seem to find the most gorgeous bargains!

    your granny squares are fab, i love your new yarn colours and they would fit in so well with your ocean themed shopping list! all those new brooches too, you've been very busy and creative... :)

    hope you're having a great sunday...


  4. Hi, Sophie Appleby. (How I like saying that name.) Thank you for making my blog your beautiful blog of the week. Much appreciated!

  5. Gorgeous new badges, all of them are fantastic!

    Micki x

  6. Ahh you're so talented. Love everything you do :)

  7. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful hook. I love the colours you chose, and extra points to linccraft going husband with an eye for the good stuff. Looking forward to lots of squares.

  8. I am loving crocheting my granny squares in this cool weather, I love your coloured granny!

  9. Granny squares are great - I once did an afghan that had bigger granny squares all attached - they were about three times the size of a normal granny square, but the blanket came out stunning!!! If you add a very light pink or blue, or even cream, it becomes very classic looking.

  10. I really ♥ your new range of brooches (especially the cinema one - what nice fabric)!

  11. I'm using the same type of yarn for mine! It's sooooo nice, we have such fabulous taste don't we. Except I'm using the cream, eggplant and a different green. I love your colours, and I really love the idea of doing plain white.


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