Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Baby..... it's hot outside!

It's moments like walking home from work this afternoon that make me wish I lived in Alaska in a snow cave. I have never experienced extreme heat like this before, even now at 8pm it's 42 degrees. The sky was so beautiful today, the heat created amazing marshmallow clouds that I just had to photograph.. and I felt like Amelie.

The amazing afternoon sky..

Amelie's cloud photography..

Being back to work means lots of meetings, emails and lessons to plan. Best of all it means lots of fabulous reading.. Here's what's in my cute Paperchase bag today.

The Oscar Wilde collection, The Theban Plays and A Long Hard look at Psycho

Something about the heat got me inspired to create a new inspiration board. I really enjoy seeing all the things I love in one place, I find it gives me a sense of creative direction. It's amazing to see how similar all the snippets I keep are. Right now I'm loving summer colours, beautiful chairs, feathers and lovely potted plants.

Eclectic Possibilities - Inspiration board

I hope everyone is enjoying their Wednesday and a bit shout to all the Melbourne girls who are also braving the heat. I've decided the best place to be is the library!

With love and possibilities..


  1. I wish I was at the library now instead of banging around the house trying to work out what to do with myself. Too hot for sleeping. It's hopeless.

  2. I love the sky shot, it is just ridiculous this heat isn't it.

  3. This sky shot somehow seems cool...I love it...Tam xo


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