Saturday, 29 November 2008

Never from this Abyss..

Just a quick post to show you some photos from the first part of filming for the short film my friends Moana, Barrie, and I are entering into Tropfest. It's called 'Never from this Abyss' and is a strange and very twisted tale of two lovers told using T.S Eliot's 'The Love song of J. Alfred Prufrock'. We had a great time filming this morning and I think the some of the outtakes will be even better than film itself. I got to chop wood, smash plates and cups and go crazy! All in a days work!

As we have set the film in the 1900's I had to find a costume suitable for the time. Of course Lifeline didn't have a 1900's evening dress hanging around so I spend last night, sewing and dyeing some curtain and a cheesecloth skirt to create my costume. Although not quite to period and perhaps a little more pirate than evening dress I'm so happy with the way it turned out.

I started with a few sketches of what I needed the dress to look like..

The curtain and 'hippy' skirt I had to work with thanks to Lifeline.

The dying process, with tea leaves and rose petals.

Moana got some great still shots from today to so I could show you our crazy antics and thank goodness we finished filming in the early afternoon as it has just started hailing! As the film will be in sepia tones I have altered the photos so you get a sense of what it will look like.

Filming a close up shot in the lavender.

Piano scene

By the fire reading none other than Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

On the block about to cut up some firewood before the madness begins.

All we have left to shoot now are the scenes where we are in the river, so we are waiting a few weeks for the weather to get warmer before tackling these. Well I'm off now to finish my marking before doing some research for Literature tonight (watching a lovely film with my friend Joelene).

Much love, hope everyone is having a lovely weekend x

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

When inspiration sings to you...

And they sing to me, the beautiful girls of the sea...

I had a cunning plan to mark 25 exam papers this afternoon but somehow I got a little sidetracked along the way. The sewing machine was calling my name, some lovely lace just waiting to be used. So I took a little detour from my good intentions to create this charming little brooch.

'Ocean Song' Brooch

Inspired by the ocean and one of my favourite shades of green I created this mixed media brooch using recycled fabrics, vintage lace and free form crochet. I love the idea of reworking ephemeral fabrics into something completely new.

I just love these cream tags and they are the perfect size to present my brooches on.

This brooch along with a few other surprises will be in my little shop later in the week. I just adore moments like these when inspiration just seems to steal your heart and you can do nothing but sit back and enjoy the creative process.

A very happy Wednesday to everyone, now I really must get back to those exam papers.

PS. Thank you so much to the fabulous girls over at Etsy Cottage Style for not only making me feel so welcome but also including me in their latest showcase.


Sunday, 23 November 2008

So much to tell you...

I feel like it was just yesterday that I was sitting here telling you about my weekend, how time just disappears. I've decided this week just how precious time is and this weekend I have made the most of every minute. I've been very busy marking English essays, finalising our grant application for Poetic Justice, getting ready to film an entry for Tropfest and even making a few bits and pieces. Oh and how could I forget getting into the Christmas spirit. I know it's early but there is something about glitter and carols that gets me very excited.

My first little adventure in my studio was one of imagination and childlike exploration. My dearest bestie Courtney and I were talking about making softies (lovely children's toys for big people too) earlier in the week and I decided to create my very own cottage. Inspired by At Whim I went about creating my perfect little cottage, number 16 with mushrooms out the front and a lovely oak tree I could see from the bedroom window. After making one I think I'm addicted, perhaps I will end up with a whole village.

'16 Apple Way' softie

My little oak tree and butterfly

With all this fun, I couldn't stop there. After my success making my experimental top the other day I thought I would make another and made a mad dash to Spotlight for some fabric I'd been wanting to make...

'I heart leaves' singlet

There are so many things I am loving this week I just have to share them with you:

Real Living - Christmas edition

One of my favourite magazine, Real Living never fails to inspire and make me jump around totally excited about making beautiful things. Some of the best bits, their Christmas pressie ideas and gorgeous handmade wrapping and cards.

Christmas Decorations

After reading Real Living I just had to get into the Christmas spirit, that and the next few weekends I am so busy yesterday was the only time I would go hunting for decorations. After much searching I ended up at Target and I must say I was pleasantly surprised with their decorations. I have decided to go with really simple silver and white this year and just love these really cute words joy and hope. Can't wait to put the tree up next weekend.

Anthropologie- Glee Collection

If you havn't already you must check out the latest offerings at Anthropologie. Their Glee Collection just made me smile, the photoshoot is just gorgeous and check out that dress! Delightful!

An organised fabric collection

After all this creation my fabric collection was all over the place so I spent some time this morning pottering around my studio locating all the bits of fabric from all over the floor! Just had to take a photo of it looking all pretty before the next adventure...

The Oscar Wilde Collection

I'm so excited about teaching year 12 literature next year, especially because the first text is Lady Windermere's Fan by the ever amazing Oscar Wilde. I'm so excited to read his mesmorising prose. There is something very special about old Oscar.

Studio Inspiration

Inspired by the beautiful worlds of The Black Apple and A Fanciful Twist I have been busy collecting ideas of lovely things to add to my studio. I'm in desperate need of a desk and some more storage space and can't wait for my darling husband to help me make a thread holder and a lovely place to store all my bits and pieces.

Well that's all from me for tonight, I'm off to make salad for dinner and watch the Australian Idol finale.

Much love, have a fabulous week!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

A stitch in time and a red umbrella...

Procrastination is such an interesting past time, when people procrastinate they might watch a movie, read a book, even vacuum the carpet. But not me, it seems when I procrastinate I get a whole lot of ideas which leads me straight to my little studio. This is great for my little shop or in today's case my wardrobe, not so good for the twenty-five essays I have to mark tonight...

My latest idea was to make a few cute summer tops for myself, thought I would try one out with some cute jersey fabric I got from the sales pile at Spotlight. Very happy with the result, might need to find some more cute fabric on the weekend.

Little Forest Singlet

Detail- complete with apple buttons

My other little project last night was creating an Etsy treasury. This is the forth I have created this year and waited for two hours stalking the treasury to get a spot. Living in the desert I really miss the rain so I thought I would make a little treasury themed with one of my favourite accessories - a red umbrella. My grandmother has the most gorgeous red umbrella that my sister and I both adore so I made this treasury with this in mind.

Well I must get back to my busy week. Only three teaching weeks left, can't wait for holidays and Christmas. Always my favourite time of year.

Happy Wednesday

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Feathers, Bees, Terrariums and Pleasantrees...

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As the sun sets on another delightful weekend and the Jacaranda tree outside drifts in the afternoon breeze, I realise just how blessed I really am. A little shopping, a little creating and some very yummy hot chocolate and a stunning book, my weekend has just been one that should never end.

Friday afternoon my friend Joelene and I did a spot of shopping at Harmony Clothing and found ourselves totally in love with the entire Bauhaus summer collection. I ended up with three gorgeous tees as I have been looking for some really cute tops for so long and I have now decided when you find a good thing... buy them all!

Just had to have this cute Tux tee and how could I resist the irony of Teacher's Pet!

Feather Tee

Saturday morning we had a lovely time exploring Pleasantrees during Spring. The gardens are so amazing and to see the changes throughout the year has been just delightful. Of course I wouldn't leave without a little purchase and found an amazing bag whispering my name from behind the french linen and soaps. I also finally got to finish off Tara's belated birthday present and will be sending it tomorrow! There are so many beautiful surprsises at Pleasantrees I had a lovely time capturing some for you.

My beautiful 'Bee Tote' created by Villa Maison

Stunning Spring Blossoms

Divine secret bird houses..
The sun creeping through the vines...

Tara's pressie wrapped and ready to send...

Saturday afternoon brought many discussion with the PJP crew as we are finalising our first grant application for the Australian Council of the Arts. We also discussed some very hasty plans to put an entry into next years Tropfest. It's all very exciting and I can't wait to begin creating and filming.

I've also been in the creating zone bringing to life a little idea I had the other night while I was thinking about the gorgeous little movie Penelope. I was just totally in love with the little terrariums she had scattered around her bedroom.

Still from 'Penelope'

My terrariums are handmade using a collage of fabrics on felt and hand embroidery to create surrounding detail they are simply blooming with delight. With so many variations and lovely plants to create this is just the first of my terrarium collection there will be plenty more to come.

Spring Bloom Terrarium Pendant in my shop now.

I just love the idea of wearable art especially of the plant variety.

Well I will leave you tonight with the stunning little book I am currently reading The Ghost's Child by Australian author Sonya Hartnett. If you are in need of an enchanting, heartfelt tale of love and chasing beauty it is an absolute must!

Wishing everyone a fabulous week, take a moment to see all the amazing moments that make up a day.

Much love

Thursday, 13 November 2008

My latest adventure!

Many of my adventures happen within the folds of a good book, hidden deep within the shelves of a second hand book store, sometimes they even happen in my studio when I am taken to another world full of beautiful buttons and fabric. My most recent adventure has been unlike any of these. It took me up an incredible group of mountains. When I got asked to go to the Grampians for the school's Outdoor Education trip I really had no idea what I was in for. The whole experience was just incredible, no words can really capture the amazing beauty of this incredible area. I hope my photos will give you a sense of what it was like to stand on the top of Mt Difficult (yes I know know where it gets the name from) and feel the accomplishment of walking with a 15kg pack 20kms up and around a mountain. So here is my adventure...

My favourite shot, near Brigg's Bluff at sunset

I was secretly hoping we were going to the tea rooms!

Our first sight of the mountain.. the highest point is Brigg's Bluff where we camped.

Here we are looking very happy before we started the climb!

Making our way to camp.
One of the only flat sections of the hike..

My pack...

Finally on the top of Brigg's Bluff!

A simply breathtaking view!

Finally set up for the night, my tent was the shape of an orange slice, and was just big enough for me and my bag. Nice and cozy!

The following day on the top of Mt Difficult!

Sunset at Brigg's Bluff...

What an amazing experience, now six days later I am still recovering. It just makes you realise how much you can push yourself and what you are really capable of. This adventure has got me thinking about all the other wild adventures I would like to go on around the world. Who know what will be next. I just adore be a wild explorer forever chasing beauty.

Looking forward to the weekend, plenty in store including a trip to Pleasentees with my dear friend Joelene. With only four weeks left of school we decided we need a break from marking to treat ourselves to a lovely morning of french homewares and hot chocolate! I'm also working on a new little project that I can't wait to show you!

Much love and Happy Thursday!