Monday, 27 October 2008

A sweet Monday...

Just a little post today on this very lovely Monday to share with you an idea I had walking to work this morning. I have always loved badges and brooches and have made a few interesting ones over the years. I had a vision this morning of these sweet little fabric badges with typewriter text on them. Little quotes from books and cute sayings, even some knitting ones to make my bestie smile. So I rushed home after work to see if I could bring my vision to life. I'm so happy with my sweet little badge, I'm going to make them in sets of three for my Etsy shop.

'I heart Tea Parties'

Made from some lovely fabrics and a little vintage silk and button.

I will leave you this evening with some beautiful stationary from some fabulous Aussie girls Poppies for Grace. This set would look just perfect on my antique desk...

Just so lovely. Well I'm off to get ready for tomorrow. I hope everyone has had a lovely Monday...

ttfn x

Sunday, 26 October 2008

PS. The Sunset

Just an extra little post for the day, as I was cooking I looked out the window and saw this incredible sunset. So I took a moment to take this photo and write a little poem. It was breathtaking.

PS. The Sunset

Today the sunset roared within my heart

A lion on the horizon,

Its mane sparking beauty through the darkest hours

of a long lost dust storm.

And I stopped to thank the sunset

Its peace, a moment in time

The vast beauty in abundance

Singing softly to my soul.

On the eve of all things mysterious..

Just when I think the weeks can't get any busier they just continue to fill up and roll on by! I've had another busy weekend, working on my teaching portfolio for work and spending time in my studio creating some interesting bits and pieces.

First off my bestie Courtney asked me to make her a Halloween outfit similar to some costumes that I made for a theatre production. I had a fabulous time recreating a skirt and 18th century choker to match.
The skirt is made from faux velvet, lace, and organza.

18th century inspired choker complete with vintage button engraved with initials

The choker was an after thought but I am so happy with the way it turned out I'm going to make some for my little shop in both black and cream. For any time you want to feel like Marie Antoinette !

I've also create my first piece of mixed media artwork which can now be purchased in my little shop. I had an idea during the week about creating a piece of art the mixed my favourite worlds of art and literature and so I created 'Les Girls'.

Collage on a 1950's book with vintage postcard and drawings

I wanted it to feel as if the book was found in the depths of an early 20th century haberdashery shop.

I have also been working on some ideas for the festive season. I wanted to make some old world Christmas decorations inspired by a beautiful tree my Aunt had years ago that was filled with the most beautiful decorations. I've got one in the shop and will be making more next weekend.

Using an old typewriter I've been able to personalise each decoration with text and embroidery.

A strawberry update, just had to show you my strawberries are loving the weather at the moment and finally one has a strawberry like colour.

If I get enough growing I would love to make some jam.

Speaking of jam I made some really yummy home made muffins this afternoon (whilst procrastinating from doing my portfolio). I made them using a recipe from How to be a Domestic Goddess by Nigella Lawson, my all time favourite cook book. The recipe was Strawberry Jam muffins but I replaced the strawberry with Rose's plum and cinnamon jam (its so beautiful!) and they turned out really well! Perfect for afternoon tea.

Sophie's plum and cinnamon jam muffins...

Well I'm off to cook dinner and watch Australian Idol. Going to Melbourne on Wednesday with my friend Joelene and three students for a Social Justice conference. Should be lots of fun. Have a lovely and inspiring week.

Much love xx

Thursday, 23 October 2008

I heart mail!

I got home yesterday to find a lovely little package waiting for me. I just love mail! I was so excited to see it was from my dear friends Tara and Caleb who have just come back from an amazing honeymoon in Bali had sent us delightful pressies they found on their adventures. I just love the amazing things these two find!

These owls now take centre stage above the fire place. They are so adorable! My collection continues..

And these gorgeous little earrings Tara picked out. I had them on the moment I unwrapped them!

So my busy week continues including some fantastic meetings with PJP (Poetic Justice Publishing) about the readings and art events we are holding next year. It's all very exciting! I've also been working on some little bits and pieces for my new shop. As the ideas and inspiration keep flowing I can barely keep up. This little hand embroided felt postcard will be part of an upcoming collage.

I love the idea that Lewis Carroll is receiving postcards from his literary characters inviting him to a tea party...

I'm off to relax before a busy Friday, plenty more to come over the weekend. Hope you're having a lovely week...


Sunday, 19 October 2008

A new adventure!

Well after buying such fabulous bits and pieces over the past few days I have been so inspired to create I just had to post some of the things I have been working on. It has been such a busy and rewarding weekend I didn't get as much finished as I wanted to but I'm so thrilled with what I have created. First of all I would like to introduce you to my very new shop... it's the first time I have had a solo project and I'm so excited about the whole feel. Introducing Sophie Isobel Designs.

Thanks to my fabulous sister for designing my beautiful flyer and banner.

I really wanted my love for all things vintage to shine though all my pieces. My addiction to collecting notes and old postcards has also helped to shape the direction of my work as well as an eternal love (which I inherited from my grandmother) for handbags.

My first design in a faithful tote bag, because you can never have too many! I wanted to keep the design really simple and embellish each with its own little work of art.

'Epic Poetry' Tote

Detail on the pocket with vintage lace, measuring tape and mother of pearl button

I'm planning a whole series of these tote bags each with a unique piece. I just love the whole idea of usable art. After seeing my tote bag my besty Courtney asked if I would make her a little needle case for her wool needles and I had a great time creating this little case inspired by the amazing cases that Hens Teeth creates.

Needle case with felt inside- vintage lace and button

As I mentioned in my last post I now working on my very first piece of collage art using all the materials I adore. As my days have disappeared before my eyes between doing makeup for dress rehearsal for school Gala and marking year 11 essays I'm only sketching out all my ideas but keep your eyes out because I can't wait to put it all together. What I do have to show you is one of my drawings which will feature in this collage. It is based by a drawing from one of my favourite books The Glass of Fashion by Cecile Beaton.

Her name is Forzane an actress from 1911.

I thought she was just adorable and she is the perfect as a guest at my tea party collage. I will post an update later on is the week with my progress.

Well I'm off to watch the ARIAS. Have a wonderful week full of laughter and spring sunshine. I will leave you with a photo I took at 7am on Friday morning. I was laying in bed and saw this beautiful view out the window and just had to capture it.

Much love xx

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Fabric, antiques and inspiration!

It has been a little while since my last blog, I've been storing up a stash of fabulous things to show you. Recently I have been really inspired by some incredible artists and creative kinds especially, Sally Smart, Hens Teeth, Lovely Paper and Marmee Craft to really find my creative direction and create beautiful things that I have been thinking about for years. I have been making lots of notes and sketches and am now experimenting with some tote bags and collages (you will see them soon I promise). I'm so excited about the results and really feel I'm finding my own little space in the big wide world of creativity. What I wanted to show now is some lovely goodies that I purchased with the lovely assistance of my hubby this morning on our creative outing. These will all become a part of my brand new adventure!

The first piece is an early Christmas present from by lovely hubby. I have been looking for a set of old library file-card drawers ever since I saw one on Oh Joy (an amazing site, check it out) and fell in love! I thought my love for books needed to be complimented by this adorable cabinet. So today at Rose Harvest I could not believe it when I found this under an old desk. I just love it to pieces and it will be fabulous storage for my little studio.

The whole cabinet is lined with metal drawers, for all those lovely old library cards, so we had a laugh getting it out of the shop because it weighs 20kgs!

Can't wait to fill it with it with all my bits and pieces.

Also at Rose Harvest I found some sweet little 1950's hard covers which will be perfect for collages. The names of the books just made me giggle. I particularly like Steamboat Gothic!

The reason I went to Rose Harvest in the first place was to find some old post cards for my collages, you can see I have a bit of a soft spot for old paper and ephemera. I was lucky enough to find a few amazing old post cards and a fabulous photo, one that dates back to 1909.

I just love the photograph of the man in the suit, think it might be the trees or perhaps the little bowler hat.

My other little find was a very adorable little owl. Although not an antique I just could not walk out without him. He now has pride of place next the my Eiffel Tower on my little writing desk.

And on the way back how could I resist a stop in at Spotlight, we were driving straight past. I was told I needed to have a plan and I was on time restrictions (no one seems to like Spotlight as much as I do!) so off we went running around to find a list full of things. The bags and collages I am creating have a lot of small details, different fabrics and other bits and pieces so I had a fabulous time finding the perfect fabrics.

My Spotlight collection, minus the glue and canvas. Some lovely cream cotton and deep indigo denim for some beautiful bags.

I was so eager to get started on my ideas last night that I stopped in at the little haberdashery shop in town on my way home from work and found some beautiful fabric, which I have already created into a sweet little tote bag.

While I was deep in creation last night I searched through a suitcase of bits and pieces I received for my grandmother's friend and I discovered some fabulous little delights. I was in search of the perfect button for my tote and I don't think I will ever be short choice with the collection I inherited.

Just the cream and white selection!

During my search I also found some wonderful vintage sewing paraphernalia, including a measurement guide and old tape measure.

The last purchase I have to show you before I go back into my studio to work on my collage is a gorgeous little top I bought yesterday afternoon from Pink Peppa. I just had to have it!

Birds and trees, just lovely!

Well that's all for now will be posting pictures of my completed tote bag and hopefully finished collage tomorrow.

Enjoy your Saturday night!

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Spring is in the air...

My second post for the day, I told you I had plenty of photos, I feel like I have been sitting at the computer for hours! When we got home after nearly two weeks away the first thing I noticed was how beautiful the garden looked. It is as if Spring hit over night. I just had to get my camera out and take some photos of these beautiful blooms.

The stunning native bottle brush is in full bloom filling our front yard with stunning red blossoms.

Our roses are also back in full force. I just love the morning dew still on the rose petal.

Our amazing tulips that appeared out of no where continue to flower. Very special!

Another mysterious and fabulous surprise were these Irises that have these stunning lavender flowers.

And at last our strawberry plants are are flowering and will soon have some yummy strawberries on them!

I have some lovely purchases and gifts that I received on my holiday that I just have to share. I adore shopping at markets and interesting little places and I had so much fun shopping in Cairns.

My sweet buys (and a few pressies from my Dad) including the very cute Nooz top featuring scissors, buttons, wool and keys (all my favourite things!) and stunning Urban Originals wallet. Also a pair of ballet flats for $5 and a very cute little hippy wrap around skirt from Kuranda markets.

A close up of my new wallet and fab new book The Scandal of the Season by Sophie Gee

This beautiful address book and book mark were lovely gifts from Tara for doing her wedding photos. So sweet. I'm tempted to use the book mark in my hair.

Since I have been back I have been full of inspiration! I have so many ideas for creative pieces I want to make. I finally invested in a big A3 journal and some watercolour pencils so I could sketch out my ideas.

I've been playing around with some sketches today for a little project all about Tea.

Tea sketches -lots more to come

And here two of my favourite Moleskine pages..

Artist Adventures (a collection from the streets of Brisbane)

Little Birds and Parasols

Well I think I'm just about blogged out for the day, I will post again tomorrow with some of my favourite things for the week. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends and has a fabulous Saturday night.

ttfn xx

Spring Holidays...

It has been so long since I have written and the spring holidays have just flown by so quickly. I had good intentions of posting a blog whilst we were on holidays but very limited internet access meant I have had to store all my goodness for when I got home. My hubby and I had a fabulous holiday visiting family in Brisbane and then ventured north for a week in beautiful Cairns especially for my very special friend Tara's wedding. I have many photos and storied to share so best get a cup of tea and a comfy chair.

Brisbane: 21/9/08- 25/9/08

We travelled on Ben's birthday which meant the moment we got off the plane we were in party mode.

Ben and our nephew Delcan celebrating

Declan being cute in his pirate bib!

The Glass Bar @ the Judith Wright Centre was a fab place of afternoon drinks

We had a beautiful day on the Gold Coast with my whole family, this is one of my favourite photos I took on my Polaroid camera.

All the girls together! I just love the quality of Polaroids.

What would Brisbane be without a ferry trip down the river at twilight.

It was very windy on the ferry! (I put this photo in because it made my sister laugh)

Cairns: 25/9/08 - 2/10/08

It was so lovely to be in the Cairns sunshine, although I grew up there I had not been sight seeing in years. We had a fabulous time being all touristy. We also had an amazing time at Tara and Caleb's wedding. My sister and I did the wedding photography and although it was a little stressful it was an absolutely amazing day! Here are our Cairns adventures..

Tara (the beautiful bride) and I before the ceremony

With the lovely couple

Later in the evening on the dance floor!

My new friend Kristy and I in our matching dresses!

Will post some of the more official wedding photos once the lovely couple come back from their honeymoon. I'm so happy with the way they turned out, now my fabulous sister has the fun task of editing them.

Being silly after a few drinks celebrating before their honeymoon.

Beautiful view from Rex Lookout on the way to Port Douglas

On the bridge at Mosmon Gorge

Some beautiful rainforest

A little rainforest fungi, I can just imagine fairies dancing around this in the moonlight.

At the Barron Falls

My little sister Ella and I at the Falls

We had such a wonderful time its a little strange to get back into the normal routine of life. I have been so inspired by the spending time with family and fabulous friends and new people I have met I'm really looking forward to getting into my studio and creating some delightful pieces before Christmas. I will leave you for now to go and take some photos of the beautiful flowers at a blossoming in my garden at the moment which I will post later on this evening.

Much love xx