Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Tis the season!

Well the countdown is on, I officially finish work tomorrow with a lovely Christmas party and then Ben and I are off to Brisbane on Thursday for two weeks to share the festive season with our families. After a wonderful, adventurous and tiring year, I can't wait to kick back and spend some quality time with all my favourite people!

So I thought I best post a little blog with my latest antics before I depart for the sunshine state. First off I would like to share the little mixed media brooch I created on Saturday. Using one of my favourite shades of plum with a hint of raspberry I adored the creative process of finding just the right shades to put together this brooch.

Dreaming of Plum and Aubergine Brooch is now in my little shop.

I'm so excited as a little parcel arrived in the mail for me today from the delightful Edward and Lilly. I just couldn't resist one of the beautiful little bird decorations she is selling over in her lovely shop. Can't wait to add it to add it to the Christmas gift of a very special person (who might be reading this so they will remain nameless). Go and check out the other beautiful little creations that Edward and Lilly has in store.

(Image courtesy of Edward and Lilly)
The lovely little bird decoration I bought.

And the lovely Rebecca from Edward and Lilly was so sweet and purchased my Jane Austen collection brooches. I was so excited to see I had made my very first sale. I had a lovely time getting it all ready to send and bolted to the post office on Saturday morning to get it off nice and early.

Taking my little package to the post office.

~ So with only a few days to go my world is very busy.

I've got loads of washing to fold ready to be packed!

A suitcase that needs filling!

A pile of books that need reading. I'm lucky enough to be teaching Year 12 Literature next year and the book list includes these fabulous plays and novels. What fun! The problem is deciding what to read first.

And a studio that needs a little tidy up! Also some cute little brooches that need finishing...

In other news I will keep my little shop open while I am away and I will be shipping sales on the 31st of December. I'm also looking forward to buying up some lovely vintage bits and pieces in Brisbane to use in my work in the new year. With four weeks holiday I can't wait to spend some quality time in my studio.

I hope everyone is enjoying the festive season with family and friends. Hope to write a few blogs whilst I'm away and can't wait to do a little photoshoot of some of my pieces with my very talented sister.

Much love xxx


  1. Lovely photographs Sophie! My oldest (20) is a double major - English/History and it was his love of reading, literature, writing and great teachers that put him on this path.

    That you teach year 12 and have a love of literature yourself I can imagine how blessed your students are.

    Enjoy your vacation with family in Brisbane, and have a blessed and happy Christmas!

  2. Sophie, thanks for the mention! I'm so excited to receive my package. Have a lovely break and I hope you can stand the heat up here!!


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