Wednesday, 26 November 2008

When inspiration sings to you...

And they sing to me, the beautiful girls of the sea...

I had a cunning plan to mark 25 exam papers this afternoon but somehow I got a little sidetracked along the way. The sewing machine was calling my name, some lovely lace just waiting to be used. So I took a little detour from my good intentions to create this charming little brooch.

'Ocean Song' Brooch

Inspired by the ocean and one of my favourite shades of green I created this mixed media brooch using recycled fabrics, vintage lace and free form crochet. I love the idea of reworking ephemeral fabrics into something completely new.

I just love these cream tags and they are the perfect size to present my brooches on.

This brooch along with a few other surprises will be in my little shop later in the week. I just adore moments like these when inspiration just seems to steal your heart and you can do nothing but sit back and enjoy the creative process.

A very happy Wednesday to everyone, now I really must get back to those exam papers.

PS. Thank you so much to the fabulous girls over at Etsy Cottage Style for not only making me feel so welcome but also including me in their latest showcase.



  1. I think creating is not just relaxing on one level and invigorating on the other -- it opens the mind in many ways. Therefore, the time you spent making this beautiful brooch made you feel good and I wouldn't be surprised that it opened your mind and made you more invigorated about marking papers. Work and play go hand in hand.

    And you are most welcome for being showcased at ECS..your work is lovely and one thing we do in that community is support one another! ♥

  2. As usual Sherry is thinking the same thing as I am, only she is much better for putting it into words.
    Creating is very spiritual too, it keeps us in the moment, or in conciousness and refreshes us, lifts us up. I love to play with fibers too, and I can really appreciate the love you put in to this brooch, great work :)


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