Wednesday, 19 November 2008

A stitch in time and a red umbrella...

Procrastination is such an interesting past time, when people procrastinate they might watch a movie, read a book, even vacuum the carpet. But not me, it seems when I procrastinate I get a whole lot of ideas which leads me straight to my little studio. This is great for my little shop or in today's case my wardrobe, not so good for the twenty-five essays I have to mark tonight...

My latest idea was to make a few cute summer tops for myself, thought I would try one out with some cute jersey fabric I got from the sales pile at Spotlight. Very happy with the result, might need to find some more cute fabric on the weekend.

Little Forest Singlet

Detail- complete with apple buttons

My other little project last night was creating an Etsy treasury. This is the forth I have created this year and waited for two hours stalking the treasury to get a spot. Living in the desert I really miss the rain so I thought I would make a little treasury themed with one of my favourite accessories - a red umbrella. My grandmother has the most gorgeous red umbrella that my sister and I both adore so I made this treasury with this in mind.

Well I must get back to my busy week. Only three teaching weeks left, can't wait for holidays and Christmas. Always my favourite time of year.

Happy Wednesday


  1. boy do i procrastinate! I remember having to mark papers. I think I spent more time marking than the kids did writing. Lovely blog

  2. A kindred soul...I procrastinate by being on the computer and creating treasuries! I must go and check out the one you made! I have one called Cottage Chic at the moment to celebrate some of the members at Etsy Cottage Style.


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