Thursday, 13 November 2008

My latest adventure!

Many of my adventures happen within the folds of a good book, hidden deep within the shelves of a second hand book store, sometimes they even happen in my studio when I am taken to another world full of beautiful buttons and fabric. My most recent adventure has been unlike any of these. It took me up an incredible group of mountains. When I got asked to go to the Grampians for the school's Outdoor Education trip I really had no idea what I was in for. The whole experience was just incredible, no words can really capture the amazing beauty of this incredible area. I hope my photos will give you a sense of what it was like to stand on the top of Mt Difficult (yes I know know where it gets the name from) and feel the accomplishment of walking with a 15kg pack 20kms up and around a mountain. So here is my adventure...

My favourite shot, near Brigg's Bluff at sunset

I was secretly hoping we were going to the tea rooms!

Our first sight of the mountain.. the highest point is Brigg's Bluff where we camped.

Here we are looking very happy before we started the climb!

Making our way to camp.
One of the only flat sections of the hike..

My pack...

Finally on the top of Brigg's Bluff!

A simply breathtaking view!

Finally set up for the night, my tent was the shape of an orange slice, and was just big enough for me and my bag. Nice and cozy!

The following day on the top of Mt Difficult!

Sunset at Brigg's Bluff...

What an amazing experience, now six days later I am still recovering. It just makes you realise how much you can push yourself and what you are really capable of. This adventure has got me thinking about all the other wild adventures I would like to go on around the world. Who know what will be next. I just adore be a wild explorer forever chasing beauty.

Looking forward to the weekend, plenty in store including a trip to Pleasentees with my dear friend Joelene. With only four weeks left of school we decided we need a break from marking to treat ourselves to a lovely morning of french homewares and hot chocolate! I'm also working on a new little project that I can't wait to show you!

Much love and Happy Thursday!

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